Concrete Flooring Houston

Stamped Artistry’s Decorative concrete flooring of Houston is the choice for designers and homeowners. Concrete floors can be stained, colored and are popping up in retail stores, restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere. A concrete floor offers scores of options for interior rooms together with unlimitless colors, designs and above all good health benefits.

Unaware to most, the most common place you’ll see decorative concrete is under your feet. Whether it’s stained, overlayed, microtopped or scored, concrete floors offer a unique look unlike any other material. Concrete flooring, no longer is gray and boring. Textures, patterns, decorative saw cuts or even colored concrete etc., can give new life to this time-honored substrate. Concrete can be so uniquely designed or so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room and oftentimes, you don’t even realize it’s a concrete floor you’re standing on! There is so much versatility with the colors, patterns, and border choices, and you can have a concrete floor that is one-of-a-kind and stand on it’s own.

An exposed concrete floor is often an economical choice to other finish solutions such as hardwood flooring, natural stone and tile. For new residential construction or commercial projects with site-cast concrete floor slabs,leaving the concrete floors exposed can save immense money over the life of the building. First of all, you don’t have to purchase and install a floor covering to put on top of the floor slab. In addition to the durability and low maintenance needs of concrete flooring, you will save the recurring maintenance and replacement costs associated with other short-lived flooring materials, such as carpet and vinyl tile. In a typical home setting, decorative concrete floors are very low-maintenance, requiring only periodic sweeping or wet mopping. For a decorative interior concrete floor, a high-build sealer with good resistance to scuffs and staining, such as a polyurethane or epoxy, will generally provide the best protection and be easier to maintain, especially in a high-traffic retail environment. Softer acrylic sealers usually require regular maintenance with several coats of a sacrificial floor finish, or wax, to prevent wear and black heel marks.

When properly installed and sealed, a decorative concrete floor should last a lifetime and will never need replacement. Few flooring materials can boast this same longevity. Carpet, tile and even wood floors eventually need replacement, which uses up resources and creates waste disposal problems. Given many color selections for your concrete floor, it will easily accommodate any future changes to your interior décor.

It’s just astounding what the latest in concrete technology has done.

Many are welcoming and anxiously pursuing concrete floors for their own projects.

Below are reasons why concrete is a popular material for concrete floors:

  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are a good alternative if you have allergies
  • Pet friendly-resist pet stain & odors
  • Outstanding design options
  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable
  • Economical cost