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Maintain Your Stained Concrete

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Stained DrivewayStained concrete can be a beautiful addition to almost any home. The ability to get creative with style and color means many possibilities to make it match with décor. It is also a durable type of flooring, capable of lasting for years. It looks particularly good outdoors as patio and pool area flooring. Of course, like any other flooring, it requires care to keep it looking its best. If you’ve noticed that your floors have lost their sheen, here are some tips to help you maintain your stained concrete.

Start with a good clean.

First, if you clean your floors regularly, do so with professionally recommended materials. Not all cleaners are made equal, and some may dull the shine on your stained concrete faster. Ask a professional what you should use.

Reseal your floors.

Stained concrete is sealed during installation for protection. It’s made to withstand time, weather, UV rays, stains, moisture, and much more. That is also what gives the floor its shine. It is far better than standard concrete. To maintain this protection, you should have your floors resealed from time to time—every few years, ideally. This is particularly important for stained concrete that sits directly in the sun every day. You may be able to go longer between resealing projects if your floor is protected by shade and cover.

For some, resealing may be a DIY project. It is possible if you have some experience with similar work. However, there are some things you could consider before attempting it. If there are stains, chips, or cracks, those will have to be addressed before resealing. In some cases, those are things that professionals should handle. You want to make sure to get the right sort of cleansers to remove stains, as well as the proper sealant.

Generally, it’s better to let a professional come in and help you maintain your stained concrete floors. Call us at Stamped Artistry. We’re happy to help you find the floor of your dreams, get it installed, and keep it looking its best.