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Protect Your Stained Concrete

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Your stamped and stained concrete is strong; it’s meant to be as permanent as possible. However, like anything else, it must be care for and maintained. The stain in your concrete only goes so far past the surface. This means that is can wear out over time as a result of weather or traffic. So, it’s necessary to take steps to prolong the life of your stained concrete.

Protecting Stained Concrete

To maintain your concrete’s staining, manufacturers recommend protecting the surface with a few coats of sealer. This sealant adds shine, as well as protecting your floor. It also makes it easier to clean up dirt and prevents wear to a certain extent. You will still need to maintain your floors. Traffic over the years will affect your concrete significantly if your flooring is in a high traffic area.

Cleaning Stained Concrete

If your floor is indoors, its needs will vary according to the amount of traffic. High traffic will need more cleaning, as well as buffing and waxing. It’s best to clean gently once per week, then do a more thorough clean twice a month or so. Then, buff and re-wax the floor twice per year, or so. Your flooring manufacturer can give you some recommendations.

If your stained concrete is outside, you may not feel the need to clean quite as much. Of course, the elements will affect your outdoor floors more. You can sweep them clean, wash them down, and use mild cleaners so as not to add wear. These floors may need stronger seals, but you may not need to re-apply those seals more than every year or two.

Stained concrete makes for beautiful floors that last a lifetime. We will not only install the perfect floors for you, we’ll teach you more about protecting stained concrete. Call Stamped Artistry today.