Tips for Cleaning Stained Concrete

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Cleaning the floor is not most people’s favorite pastime. Some floors make it easier than others, and of the types of flooring there are to clean, stained concrete is one of the easiest. There are no fibers to catch dust and debris, or grout and crevices that make mopping well difficult, etc. Instead, you have beautiful, smooth floors that are comparatively easy to clean.

They’re Easy to Clean

That does not mean that your stained concrete floors need no maintenance. You will need to clean them well and with some care to maintain their appearance. For example, exterior stained concrete will be subject to the elements, which can cause some wear. Resealing may be necessary on a rare occasion; doing it once per year as a precaution may be a good idea. This will continue the surface protection from wear and tear.

The frequency of cleaning and resealing will depend upon the frequency, and nature of the wear and tear. For example, is the flooring outdoors near the pool? It is a patio? Or, is it indoors? If the concrete is outdoors with no shelter, you will get wind blowing dirt and debris around, as well as rain and other potentially damaging weather-related events. Indoors, however, there will only be the traffic you bring inside.

For basic cleaning, dry dust the floors; vacuums are often a little too rough on the floors. When you mop, use water, or a mild cleaner. If you need something stronger for tougher stains, try a stronger, but still gentle, soap solution, or vinegar. If the floor is no longer shiny, try waxing.

Staining takes durable concrete and turns it into a beautiful, and permanent part of your home. Whether it’s indoors or outside, your stained concrete will last with cleaning and care. Let us help you find the perfect stained concrete for your home at Stamped Artistry.

Concrete Overlay vs. Removal

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Is your driveway, patio, or other concrete area looking worn? Is it cracked, chipped, or otherwise making you think it needs to be completely redone? Consider having a professional take a look. You may not need a removal, but a concrete overlay instead.

Why the Overlay May be Better Than a Removal

As long as the underlying concrete is still stable and not crumbling, an overlay could be the best option. Overlays are just as new and attractive as a completely new driveway. You can have it stamped, or in any decorative pattern possible with concrete, without the expense of removing all the existing concrete.

Professional concrete overlays are not standard driveway concrete. They are made for strength, durability, and can be creatively altered to suit your design preferences with staining, stamping, special polymers, fibers, and other methods and ingredients. You can revitalize your driveway, patio, or other concrete surface with a custom and completely new look, and a finished product that is as functional as the first version.

A professional can take your troubled concrete area and add overlay mixes that transform plain, standard concrete into an elegant addition to your home. Even if the current concrete is not too worn, but you want something new and better, anyway, consider an overlay. You could have new colors, finishes, or a brick, or paver appearance. Find inspiration for new porches, decks, pool areas, and anywhere concrete will work. You may even find yourself inspired to renew other parts of your home to match your beautiful new concrete.

Rather than replace the area with what you already know, you could have what you really want without spending too much more, and with far less trouble than the replacement project. Consider concrete overlays. Contact us at Stamped Concrete. We’ll evaluate your old concrete and help you get the patio, driveway, or any other concrete area of your dreams.

Summertime Fun with a Backyard Fire Pit

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Do you love grilling and cooking in the backyard during the summer? Do you like to find time to roast marshmallows, and enjoy summer drinks and snacks? You could use a great grill. Or, you could invest in something to give your backyard a touch of outdoor fun: a fire pit.

A Different Side of BBQ

Nothing gives barbecued food the wood-fired flavor like a real fire. If you’re a fan of cooking outdoors, you have probably invested in a grill. However, a fire pit does more than allow you to cook with great natural flavor. It’s an investment for your home. Invest in a great cookout method, place to roast marshmallows, enjoy the summer nights with friends and family, and more. It adds a touch of the wild to your yard and barbecue.

Camping Close to Home

Sometimes, taking the kids camping just isn’t possible. However, if you have a backyard, bringing the camping trip close to home can be fun. Take your sleeping bags and tents to the yard, and light up the fire pit. Of course, you’ll always want to keep a watchful eye when it comes to fire and your children. You can give them the campfire experience right at home.

Year-Round Backyard Fun

Summer is great for a backyard fire pit. However, summers can get hot; if you’re not feeling the extra heat, the fire pit continues to be great for all seasons. Any time the weather cools enough for you, your fire pit is ready for you to light up and enjoy the season. Add a touch of warmth to cold nights so not only can you continue to cook out any time of the year, your friends and family can enjoy the extra warmth, too.

Add a touch of outdoor fun to your yard this summer. Contact us at Stamped Artistry about a backyard fire pit.

Enjoy a Concrete Front Porch

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Front porches can be the favorite spot of a home. When the weather is mild, a lovely front porch is a great place to sit and do almost anything. Even when the weather is not mild, a hot day can call for a cold drink and fan on the front porch, or a hot drink and blankets if it’s cold. Make your porch a place you want to be and consider using concrete. 

The Wooden Look

A wooden porch is a beautiful thing. However, it’s hard to maintain in the outdoors with all of the weather changes. You can still have that appearance, even with concrete. The concrete can be wood-stamped. It is stained to have natural colors resembling those of wood. Whether black or brown-toned, it can match your home and give it a classic look.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

In fact, concrete can be stamped to have a multitude of potential appearances. Want a stone porch without the expense? Try stamped concrete; you can have the color and texture of any stone you want—grey, red, black, and more. You can have modern geometric shapes, or the entire porch can be a single color and texture. You can have the concrete smoothed, stained to your liking, with a shining finish.

Concrete has great potential. It’s durable. It can withstand the changing weather over the years, and needs little more than sweeping and gentle washing to keep it clean. And, it can be almost anything you want it to be. That means you can spend your mornings, afternoons, evenings, and anytime in between lounging on your dream porch.

Enjoy a new concrete front porch. Talk to us at Stamped Artistry about what sort of look you want your porch to have and let us help make your dream of enjoying the space a reality.

Choosing a Deck for Your New Pool

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As summer begins, many people have time at the pool on their minds. In some places, pools are already open and ready for swimmers and sunbathers. If you’re a homeowner and love fun in the sun, you might be ready to invest in an inground pool, or in the midst of planning one. Among the decisions you’ll have to make is what material to use for your pool deck and surrounding area.

You want the area around your pool to be both functional and attractive; it should suit your personal style preferences, be durable, and safe. So, as you plan, consider concrete. Concrete has the potential to be beautiful, with enough color and style options to fit anyone’s needs. It is also durable and capable of lasting through years in the sun and water, handling regular foot traffic, and managing slippage.

Decorative concrete, like stamped concrete, can be shaped in creative ways for interesting and beautiful patterns all around your pool. You have a variety of colors, as well as textures and patterns. If you want the benefits of concrete, but the appearance of a more expensive stone, concrete can do it. You can have the look of natural stone, brick, and more. If you want to mix and match, you can do that, too; you can have one color and style framing the larger area, which may be a completely different style.

Of course, reliability and safety are key components, too. Concrete is tough; it can withstand years of water and sun. When made according to your design preferences, it can be sealed with extra protection, including anti-slip defense.

Build the pool of your dreams for this summer and the summers to come. Contact us at Stamped Artistry and ask us more about just how perfect concrete could be for your new pool’s deck.

Solutions for Interlocking Concrete Pavers Problems

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Interlocking concrete pavers add some creativity and classic appeal to any ground. They work on streets, patios, near pools, driveways, and beyond. They are resilient and attractive, all at once. As with any material, they are not without the small potential for occasional problems. Those problems have solutions, however.

Shifting Pavers

Pavers are laid on a sandy bed that is over a more compacted base. This is done to allow for expansion and contraction. Though it may seem like soil is generally stable, it changes. Temperature and moisture alter the soil regularly. Pavers are made and installed to allow for these changes, while remaining smooth and firm.

Of course, even if the pavers are laid well, the soil can expand more than is normal with moisture and freezing temperatures. Then, when the soil contracts again, the pavers may not be able to settle in the same position as before. In other instances, the soil is washed away at the edges by rain or excess water, and the pavers settle in an uneven way, or sink at the edges of the structure.

In most cases, your pavers do not need to be replaced; interlocking pavers are very resilient and should not crack. They may need to lifted, however, and the soil beneath changed. These changes will depend upon the nature of the problem. The layer over the base may need to be of a different substance, such as processed gravel. This makes for a more compact layer that is less easily shifted.

For cases in which only the edges have shifted or sunk, it may be possible to address only the edges. This can often be prevented by using a fabric beneath the base layer to filter and maintain the sides of the area. If you have the problem later, adding the fabric is a solution.

Are you having trouble with interlocking pavers? Do you want them installed? Call us at Stamped Artistry.

Prepare for Summer with Slip-Resistant Pool Decks

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Pools all over the U.S. will open soon, if they haven’t already. That means fun in the sun and the water. It also means people will be on the deck, including running children, and that means concern for pool owners and parents. If you own a pool and you are ready to open it for the summer, you may want to consider making sure the deck is slip-resistant.

Slip-resistant pool decks are often standard. Whether you have stamped concrete, tile, stone, or wood, your deck is made to resist high levels of water damage over long periods of time, and slipping. This does not mean, however, that pool decks never get damaged or slippery. Where there is water, there will be some loss of friction.

So, evaluate the deck area. How long has it been since you last treated the deck? If you have never done so since the pool or deck was installed, then it is most certainly time to have it done. Sometimes, you can buy materials and do this yourself. If you do this, it’s essential to make sure you get the right solution for your deck.

There is never any harm in calling a professional, too. You can have them look at your deck and evaluate it, and offer you options. If your pool deck is particularly old, you might consider having it completely re-done. You can choose from a wide variety of materials to suit your home and your tastes, and your deck will be sealed with slip-resistant solution as part of the process.

If your swimming pool area is too slippery, you want to revitalize your old deck, or you want an entirely new one built, call us at Stamped Artistry now. Don’t wait until summer is already upon you. Choose from stained or stamped concrete, and more, and have the slip-resistant pool of your dreams this summer.

Fireplace Renovation, Even in Spring and Summer

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For many of us, winter is over. We still have come relatively cool spring days ahead of us, but the fires and heavy comforters are no longer necessities. So, you might ask why anyone would suggest revitalizing the fireplace just as spring and summer are blooming?

It’s a great way to spruce up your home’s interior.

The fireplace is a viewpoint in your home. Yes, it’s there to be functional, but even homes in locations that don’t see strong winters can have fireplaces. That’s because they’re also considered aesthetic pieces; they add to the appearance of your home. So, when is the last time yours was renovated? If you’ve been wanting to change a little something in your home but don’t know what, consider the fireplace. Or, add the fireplace to your list of renovations. You don’t have to gut and replace everything. You can have new stone put in, tile, fixtures, or you can have some staining and painting done. There are lots of possibilities and even the smaller ones can make a big difference.

Have it ready when you might need it.

Sure, there may not be many calls for a fire in the house. But, summer time makes us wants s’mores. It makes us want to sit around a fire. If you can’t do that outside, you can still do that inside without making things too hot to bear—thanks, in large part, to air conditioning. Get that fireplace ready for family and friends.

You can do it outdoors, too.

Do you want to have those nights around a fire cooking, eating, talking, drinking, camping? You don’t have to go to a campground and you don’t have to ruin your backyard. You can have a nice fire pit, or outdoor fireplace—chimney and all—in your backyard. You can have it on the patio, on stones in the middle of the yard, wherever is appropriate. It’s not just a fun piece; when you have it designed and installed by a professional, it’s made to look like a lovely, decorative extension of your home.

Do you want this sort of fireplace renovation? Contact us at Stamped Artistry.

The Stained Concrete Driveway

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Feaux-falg4Driveways are highly functional. We don’t consider them much when it comes to renovation for aesthetics. If they’re cracked, we have them fixed because our tires bump every time we drive over them, and because they are unsightly that way. However, how often do you really notice a driveway because it is so very nice-looking?

A driveway like that is possible to have. Stained concrete is a way to make it happen. You can have the best-looking driveway in the neighborhood with stained, and even stamped concrete. Plus, it offers more than just great look.

It’s durable. If you’re worried about something that nice being out in the weather, don’t be. Stained and stamped concrete is sealed and meant to last. Its surface is tough and it’s even stain resistant. It is even made to resist chipping and fading.

It’s not too expensive. Despite how nice it looks, stained concrete can be very affordable. It is even less costly than some more common materials.

It’s better for your tires. It’s not good for our tires to roll on rough surfaces all of the time. Sure, standard concrete will do, but it’s boring and cracks over the years. Stained concrete is finished to a shine in any color mixture you like. It is laid smooth with good traction. You’ll never have a problem with your tires on this driveway.

It’s nice enough to be extra hosting space. If you don’t have a patio, or you just need some extra space for entertaining, a driveway this nice is a great place to do it. Suddenly, your driveway seems far more functional, as it’s nice enough to use for more than driving and parking your car.

Get the nicest driveway in your neighborhood. Call Stamped Artistry today and ask about stained and stamped concrete driveways.

Rain Damaged Concrete

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IMG_20120516_111622Concrete is a very durable thing. It lasts for years and, if it gets good care, it can last a lifetime. Your average sidewalk may crack over a few years, but sturdy, stylish, stained and stamped concrete at your home can remain attractive as long as you want, if you maintain it. Because, when concrete is exposed to the weather, it will be affected. Rain and water damage are real risks.

Defense is the beginning of concrete rain damage care. It prevents the damage from ever happening, or significantly reduces the likelihood. When the concrete is laid, it should be treated with protection and sealed. This is included in the installation of most stains and stamped concrete.

However, should the damage occur anyway, don’t leave it to get worse. As long as you pay a little attention to the state of your concrete, any damage you may notice will probably be mild, or not go far past the surface. This is a good thing because fixing it will not be so difficult. For major issues, resurfacing might be necessary.

The type of repair will depend on the amount of damage and the type of concrete. Mild damage on a brushed finish might just need a professional scrub. This could hurt smoother, shinier concrete, however, and resurfacing entirely might be required in that case. If your concrete is stained and stamped, this might be a lengthier, more involved process that includes re-staining and applying overlays. A professional will have to perform this.

If your current drive way or patio has been for a very long time, you may want to consider getting something completely new, rather than revitalizing the old. For example, if your patio is as it was when you first moved in, water damage could be the perfect excuse to get something new that you like better.

Don’t let rain damaged concrete ruin your day. Call us at Stamped Artistry. We’ll protect your concrete, revitalize it, or construct new stained and stamped concrete for you.