Update Your Pool Deck Before Summer

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It’s still cool, even cold in much of the U.S. However, the weather is slowly warming. Soon it will be spring, and then summer. It all seems to come quickly when we’re busy with our lives. This means that swimming weather will soon be upon us, as will weather comfortable enough for enjoying your outdoor deck. Don’t wait for that weather to be in full swing. Update your pool deck before summer has a chance to start.

Pool Deck Upgrading

If you already have a pool deck, take a look at it. How old is it? When was the last time you had it cleaned, sealed, and any other maintenance? There are a lot of choices when it comes to your pool deck. You’re never stuck with what you have, even if you’re worried about price.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete make beautiful pool decks. As a material, concrete is one of the strongest things you can buy. It will last for years with very little maintenance. And, it can have virtually any appearance you want; this is not your standard sidewalk concrete.

Rather, this concrete can be stamped and molded to look like much more expensive materials. It can look like stone, brick, and more. It can be stained with natural-looking colors, or with gorgeous colors for a more creative design.

You don’t have to worry about water causing slips and falls, either. These decks are sealed to protect against the elements, including the sun, rain, and more, and have texture and anti-slippage coverage to help eliminate that risk. They’re safe for you, your children, and your guests.

Get your dream pool deck for summer, and even for spring. Be ready as soon as warm weather hits. Just call Stamped Artistry.

Stamped Concrete or Concrete Pavers for Your Patio

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Your patio plays an important part in your home’s appearance if you use it often. If you don’t, you may often wish that you had a nicer space that makes you want to spend more time there. Your patio could play a major part in your home’s welcoming landscape and new concrete flooring could be the way to make that happen. If so, there’s still the question of what sort of patio flooring would be better: stamped concrete or concrete pavers?

Stamps vs. Pavers

You have plenty of choices when it comes designing your patio, and those choices aren’t necessarily limited when you settle on a material. Either concrete pavers or stamped concrete can be laid to create beautiful patterns. And, both of these floors could last a lifetime with the proper care. They are also potentially affordable, if your budget is a concern.

Concrete pavers are generally easy to install. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and your options for design are basically unlimited. They work for patios, walkways, decks, gardens, and more. Pavers are installed one-by-one, and so the process can be a little time consuming. It’s relatively easy process however, and none of that affects the long-life they can have. Plus, if you ever need repairs, it’s usually easy to replace the pavers.

Stamped concrete is poured concrete that is stamped and stained to look the way you want it. Primary colors and accent colors give it beauty, and seals give it shine. Your design options are many with this type of patio flooring, too. These floors may require more care than pavers. However, many people find they’re worth it. Plus, installing is a less slow process. Repairing this floor may cost more, too.

In the end, your patio needs to have the look you want, at the price you want. Put the details that mean most to you in a hierarchical list—cost, look, maintenance, time to install, repairs, etc. That will help you decide between stamped concrete or concrete pavers. We can help at Stamped Concrete, too. We’ll help you choose, and we’ll install. Just call us.

Protect Your Stained Concrete

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Your stamped and stained concrete is strong; it’s meant to be as permanent as possible. However, like anything else, it must be care for and maintained. The stain in your concrete only goes so far past the surface. This means that is can wear out over time as a result of weather or traffic. So, it’s necessary to take steps to prolong the life of your stained concrete.

Protecting Stained Concrete

To maintain your concrete’s staining, manufacturers recommend protecting the surface with a few coats of sealer. This sealant adds shine, as well as protecting your floor. It also makes it easier to clean up dirt and prevents wear to a certain extent. You will still need to maintain your floors. Traffic over the years will affect your concrete significantly if your flooring is in a high traffic area.

Cleaning Stained Concrete

If your floor is indoors, its needs will vary according to the amount of traffic. High traffic will need more cleaning, as well as buffing and waxing. It’s best to clean gently once per week, then do a more thorough clean twice a month or so. Then, buff and re-wax the floor twice per year, or so. Your flooring manufacturer can give you some recommendations.

If your stained concrete is outside, you may not feel the need to clean quite as much. Of course, the elements will affect your outdoor floors more. You can sweep them clean, wash them down, and use mild cleaners so as not to add wear. These floors may need stronger seals, but you may not need to re-apply those seals more than every year or two.

Stained concrete makes for beautiful floors that last a lifetime. We will not only install the perfect floors for you, we’ll teach you more about protecting stained concrete. Call Stamped Artistry today.

Warm Up the House with a New Fireplace

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Even if you enjoy some things about winter, you might not enjoy the increase in your energy bills as a result of turning up the heat. You can try something a little different, like using your fireplace. Of course, how does that fireplace look? Is it ready for use? Is it ready for you and your guests to sit around enjoying the heat? Warm up your home with a new fireplace this season.

You’ll love your fireplace’s new look.

We use the best materials for your fireplace. We can create beautiful additions to your home that are lasting and made to withstand a hot fire. You can have natural flagstone, or concrete creations to suit your home’s décor and your personal taste.

Have a warm, safe fire.

Whether you use a gas fireplace, or wood burning, we will make sure that the construction is up to code and completely safe. We understand that safety and functionality are far more important than the appearance. There is no reason, however, that you can’t have it all.

Get an excuse to gather.

Has that old fireplace just sat there looking abandoned for too long? Do you not spend as much time gathered in that room because it just isn’t cozy? A pretty fireplace and cozy fire could be just what you need to liven things up in there again. Make the room a place you want to gather, and that make you want to leave the technology behind for a while as you enjoy the warmth and company around a beautiful fireplace.

There are plenty of reasons to warm up with a new fireplace. Get started now and get some good fires going before the winter is over. Call Stamped Artistry today and ask about how we can build you your dream fireplace. We can have you warm and comfortable in the new year.

It’s Time for a New Outdoor Fire Pit

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The temperatures are dropping, but it’s not the end of outdoor fun. Cold temperatures give you new reasons to go out. When your family and friends come for the holidays, you don’t have to spend all your time inside out of the cold. Instead, make a warm place for yourselves outside with an outdoor fire pit.

Have some good grilled food.

Your fire pit does more than give you a place for a warm fire; you can cook outside. All you need are a few extra accouterments for safe and delicious outdoor cooking. You can grill almost anything you imagine. Add places to sit and some things to drink, and you’ve got yourself a great winter outdoor gathering at home. And, don’t forget to bring the sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make s’mores for after dinner.

Shed some light on your fun.

Even if you don’t plan on sitting around the fire, or cooking with it, sometimes it’s nice not to use electrical energy to shed some light on your yard. When you want some warmth for your outdoor activities, as well as some light, a fire pit is a great way to get both so you can continue to enjoy your yard in the winter. Just remember to practice fire safety.

Just relax in front of a warm fire on a cold night.

You don’t have to need a fire to have one. If all you want is to light a fire and sit around it with loved ones, then you can do it. A fire pit is attractive and functional, and fun when you want it.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new outdoor fire pit, you can have one. We’ll build yours with stone, stamped concrete, or a number of other attractive materials. Call us today to get yours started before the holidays get here.

Basic Benefits of Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete has many benefits. It cannot be said often enough just how well this type of flooring could serve you, whether indoors or outdoors. Of course, a few people may still need some convincing. So, here are some basic benefits of stamped concrete for your consideration.

You can choose from a wide variety of appearances.

Stamped concrete’s ability to be poured, stained, and stamped into a wide variety of colors, shapes, and overall styles makes it a highly desirable material for flat surfaces. Some people do not realize the extent of concrete’s versatility. It is far from the standard concrete you see on city pavement. You can have the natural look of stone, or interlocking pavers, or make it shimmer like marble.

Smooth and stable, it is unlikely to crack and reveal weeds.

When people think of concrete, they may see images of cracked, grey surfaces like sidewalks. That is not the stamped concrete of a home. Instead, stamped concrete forms a beautiful, smooth, colorful, sturdy flooring that resists the elements. It settles flat, leaving no room for anything to push through, like weeds if your concrete is outdoors. It can handle the wind and rain. It will resist moving furniture, foot traffic, spills, and more.

It suits indoor flooring, outdoor patios, and beyond.

If you prefer hard floors in your home, stamped concrete is a very viable choice. It has all the beauty of any tile you might choose. It cleans easily, and resists all the damage that you and your family can cause. If you want an attractive patio space, stamped concrete works for that, too. It is also tough enough to be a driveway.

If you want new flooring, don’t rush to select all the more common materials. Consider the benefits of stamped concrete. Call us at Stamped Artistry today and let us show you what this durable and versatile material can do.

Uses for a Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls are, overall, meant to support the ground and keep it from eroding, and sliding down when it rains. It creates a decorative cliff for homes, and their yards that sit on slopes and hillsides. However, a retaining wall has the potential to be more than functional. It can add to your home and yard’s appeal.

Some Outdoor Glamour

A strong wall can support a lot of things. Sometimes, you can transform that wall into a seating background. Or, with some additional support, that wall can be extra seating. Create an outdoor space at the bottom of your slope that’s inviting and makes you want to redecorate, and host.

You can decorate the wall itself, too. Outdoor lights, potted plants, and a number of creative things can really give life to your retaining wall and make it an attractive part of your home’s exterior. With a stamped concrete, or stone patio at its base, you could have a very nice outdoor seating area with a wall of lights and flowers.

The materials you choose to use for your retaining wall can also add some creativity to something that is primarily functional. There are many materials you might use for your wall; as long as it is stable and strong, you can choose from any number of things like stone, stained concrete, and wood. It can be straight, or curved. It must be able to support the earth and withstand the weather.

A professional can help you build a retaining wall that suits both the land around your home and its slope, and your personal tastes. Contact us at Stamped Artistry for this service. We can help you choose your preferred style and install strong, attractive retaining walls for you anytime to control erosion and add to your home’s appeal.

A Second Dining Room with a Stamped Concrete Patio

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Well-designed stamped concrete has the ability to transform any area to which it’s applied. Stamped concrete can make a pool deck, or even a driveway glamorous. Your dining room can be both durable and stylish, ready to impress guests, as well as handle their messes. So, with all that stamped concrete can do to brighten and stylize your dining area, why not turn another area of your home into a dining-worthy space?

Transform Your Patio for Dining

As proud as you may be of your dining room indoors and how well you care for it, have you ever wished that your patio was attractive enough to entertain guests the way you do in that dining room? When the weather is mild and pleasant, many people find dining outdoors to be a nice experience. You can transform that dinner into a full-fledged patio party with lights and candles, and then take the fun and food to the fire pit for s’mores.

A stamped concrete patio is a significant step in making this happen. In terms of appearance, you can have almost any stain and pattern that you want. You can match the general outward appearance of your home, or create a new look for the space. The concrete sets the tone for anything else with which you decorate.

Stamped and stained concrete can withstand the elements, too. When the weather is not appropriate for outdoor dining, the floor will be ready when it is. It will resist wind, rain, sun, and whatever is thrown at it. All you need to do is clean it gently from time to time, and that is easy to do, too.

If you like to entertain, create another space for it. Take advantage of those beautiful days and nights; create a second dining room with a stamped concrete patio. Call us at Stamped Artistry and ask us how we can help you achieve this.

Effects of Epoxy Flake Sizes

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Epoxy flake or chip coatings are popular ways to spice up the floors of commercial showrooms, garages, and some residential work floors. You have seen them in many service areas and may wonder what, precisely, gives them their look. There is a wide variety of possibilities for epoxy flakes and flooring, which is one of the things that makes them popular. Among the details that gives them a certain appearance, flake sizes can make a significant difference.

The Basic Makeup

Epoxy flake flooring is typically made of pigmented coating that holds the colorful flakes in the first layer. Once that initial layer is dry, another is added, and that second layer may have more flakes, or may be a clear seal. The flakes are called polymer flakes, or color chips. They’re made of paint that maintains its consistency in other paints.

The flakes come in a few standard sizes that can be mixed to please the owner. While the mixes can combine for hundreds of possible variations, flake size can make a big difference. It can affect the coating texture, color contrasts, overall style, and how well the floor hides the appearance of dirt.

The smallest flake size often creates a shining look that resembles glittering quartz, or sand. Due to the miniscule size of the flakes, they are not very noticeable from some angles, and so don’t provide much color contrast. The floor sometimes has a rough feel if the topcoat is thin.

Larger flakes create more contrast, while remaining subtle. Some of the mid-sized flakes make it easier to hide dirt, debris, and scuffs, which make them better suited to some for locations where that matters. Also, larger flake sizes often create a vintage or “retro” style to the floor.

Call us at Stamped Artistry. We can tell you all you need to know about epoxy flake sizes and how they’re used. We can also show you examples of the best usage for the flakes and install your perfect floor.

Tips for Cleaning Stained Concrete

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Cleaning the floor is not most people’s favorite pastime. Some floors make it easier than others, and of the types of flooring there are to clean, stained concrete is one of the easiest. There are no fibers to catch dust and debris, or grout and crevices that make mopping well difficult, etc. Instead, you have beautiful, smooth floors that are comparatively easy to clean.

They’re Easy to Clean

That does not mean that your stained concrete floors need no maintenance. You will need to clean them well and with some care to maintain their appearance. For example, exterior stained concrete will be subject to the elements, which can cause some wear. Resealing may be necessary on a rare occasion; doing it once per year as a precaution may be a good idea. This will continue the surface protection from wear and tear.

The frequency of cleaning and resealing will depend upon the frequency, and nature of the wear and tear. For example, is the flooring outdoors near the pool? It is a patio? Or, is it indoors? If the concrete is outdoors with no shelter, you will get wind blowing dirt and debris around, as well as rain and other potentially damaging weather-related events. Indoors, however, there will only be the traffic you bring inside.

For basic cleaning, dry dust the floors; vacuums are often a little too rough on the floors. When you mop, use water, or a mild cleaner. If you need something stronger for tougher stains, try a stronger, but still gentle, soap solution, or vinegar. If the floor is no longer shiny, try waxing.

Staining takes durable concrete and turns it into a beautiful, and permanent part of your home. Whether it’s indoors or outside, your stained concrete will last with cleaning and care. Let us help you find the perfect stained concrete for your home at Stamped Artistry.