February 2017 - Stamped Artistry

Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

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FIREPITSWith a beautiful outdoor space to complement your home, you may find yourself playing host to friends and family more often. There’s an understandable pride many people feel when their home is at its best. Imagine if you could add s’mores, roasts, and the general lovely glow of a warm fire to the list of fun activities you could do with people in your backyard. If you have never considered adding a fire pit to your yard, think about having one built now for more backyard fun throughout this year.

You can have all the warmth and fun of a campfire right in your backyard. A well-designed outdoor fire pit adds a modern, aesthetic appearance to the rustic look of the standard fire. Fire pits have become popular, and their designs are more creative and multifaceted as a result. Your contractor can construct a permanent one in your yard and you can choose from a variety of materials, such as stamped concrete.

Wood and gas burning pits are the most common choices. Some people find that gas fire pits are more convenient, but, for some, the sounds and smell of a wood fire cannot be replaced. No matter what sort of fire you have, you need fire-resistant materials. Stamped concrete, stones, bricks, and similar substances are all possibilities.

The pit must be set on a fire-resistant surface, such as a stone or concrete patio, or other similar outdoor area. The pit itself can be designed to suit your overall outdoor décor, or be a new, elegant piece to enhance your home. Stamped concrete may be particularly helpful because it is less expensive than some materials, such as real stone, but it can also be made just as attractive in appearance.

Make your outdoors space even more enjoyable and give yourself a place to host campfire fun. Add an outdoor fire pit to your yard. Call us at Stamped Artistry and let us help you design a great fire space.

Pool Renovation with Stamped Concrete

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Pool-deckSwimming pools add touches of extra fun and beauty to homes. You and your children find hours of fun together, or you may enjoy relaxing in the water, or out of it. Yet, over time even the nicest pool could use a renovation.

You don’t have to have a pool like every other in the neighborhood. There are many possibilities for its appearance. Pool renovation with stamped concrete is just one example. Colorful stamped concrete has the potential to be a beautiful addition to your pool area. In addition to being decorative, it is lasting and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Stamped concrete can handle the outdoor elements and time, as well as chlorinated pool water. Of course, slipping is always a concern around the pool, particularly for parents. You can easily get some traction by having nonskid elements added to mixes and sealants.

You also have many options for design, which isn’t always so with other materials. Stamped concrete can come in many colors and textures. With some help, you can design patterns and shapes, choose from stains and pigments, and get creative. A contrasting pool border adds some originality to a design. You can have light colors that help prevent the area from becoming too hot in the sun, or darker shades to match your aesthetic preferences. Extend the stamped concrete by adding some steps, or a path to a nearby small seating area so that the adults can sit out near the pool and enjoy the sun while the kids play in the water.

Have you been considering updating your pool area? It’s still early in the year, but summer will be here before you know it. Try pool renovation with stamped concrete. Call us at Stamped Artistry and tell us about your dream swimming pool, and let us help you make it come true.