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Avoiding Potential Disadvantages of Concrete Floors

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While stamped and stained concrete can be the perfect choice for your next floors, countertops, and more, that does not mean it won’t need care over the years. All materials have their drawbacks, but you can avoid them. Whatever negative there may be to having concrete floors, there is a solution for it.

The Floor is Cold

This is true of most, if not all hard floors. This is one of the common reasons people choose carpet over hard floors of any kind; they don’t want to set bare feet on cold floors, particularly in the morning, or after a warm bath. Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing in hot climates.

That is where area rugs come in handy. Find some that suit your décor and place them in the right spots. You can avoid getting cold feet often. Don’t forget your socks, too.

The Floor is Slippery

Truthfully, concrete floors are not as slippery as you might think. Rather, it will be slippery if it is wet, and might be so if you wear socks. However, it is no more slick than any other hard floor. Plus, texturizing and applying certain seals help prevent slipping. That is why concrete is so suitable even for pool decks. It also never hurts to have rules about running in the house when you have children who might spill liquids.

The Floor is Hard

This is another common reason people choose carpet. Of course, this negative is usually true of any hard floor. For those who want concrete flooring but have concerns about how hard it is, soft area rugs are, again, great for helping with that issue. You can place enough of them to help, but not so many that they are a décor problem. If you worry over the children’s room being hard, there are excellent, colorful play pads, usually in the shapes of puzzle pieces, to help with that.

Ultimately, there is an answer to every potential negative when it comes to concrete floors. That makes them near perfect for your home. Find out more from Stamped Artistry today.

Cook Outdoors More Often with a Kitchen Patio

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If you love to cook, you probably do so by all sorts of means, including an outdoor barbecue. If that’s the case, you may sometimes wish you had a better outdoor setting in which you create your summer treats. You can have the kitchen of your dreams; actually, you can have two. Turn your patio into an almost-complete second kitchen when you feel the need for adventurous cooking.

Stamped Concrete Makes a Sturdy Setting for Kitchen Patio

Outdoor kitchens are attractive additions to homes. They help make outdoor spaces more inviting, and more like extra living spaces. You can make them as simple, or as extravagant as you want. If all you need is a nice place on which to set your grill, and on which your guests can set themselves, you can have it. Beautiful stained, stamped concrete makes the patio floor, and a concrete retaining wall makes a lovely centerpiece and place to sit.

If you want something more, you can make room for all the accessories you have in your indoor kitchen. Concrete can serve as the frame for all appliances that need to be installed, like refrigerators, sinks, and more. You can even have cabinets if you want them. Of course, stained concrete makes excellent countertops for outdoor cooking.

Stained and stamped concrete are both beautiful and functional. Concrete can be stained and stamped to suit almost anyone’s style; if you want the look of natural stone without the cost, for example, concrete can offer it. Even more importantly, it’s durable. You can chop, dice, cook, and do it all outside; your concrete kitchen patio will remain beautiful through the years.

Find out all that concrete can do for you. Get the outdoor kitchen patio of your dreams for this coming summer, and do it soon. Contact Stamped Artistry today.