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Making Your Patio Look Amazing with Stamped Concrete

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IMG_20131018_111929If you have a patio in your home, you may be tired of its look. Too many people do not use their outside spaces because those spaces are dull and uninspired. You want to make the most of your outdoor living areas, treating them as extensions of your house that reflect your personality and that look beautiful. You can do this with help from Stamped Artistry. Stamped Artistry can work with you to create a patio design that will form the background for a wonderful outdoor living space. With our help, you can make a patio in the colors and styles that you want. Finish off your beautiful concrete patio with some comfortable patio furniture that matches your new beautiful patio floor, and you will have a nice outdoor space where you and your family can enjoy spending quality time together. Contact Stamped Artistry today to find out more about the different ways in which we can help you to make your patio nicer than you ever dreamed.

Consider Concrete Steps Instead of Wood

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If you’re planning to add a new level to your home, such as a deck, or even a whole new floor,  then you will need steps. You could choose wood steps, which would be beautiful, initially. However, wood has some disadvantages of which you may be aware, but you also may not know that you have other choices, like concrete. Concrete steps can be just as beautiful, with fewer disadvantages than wood.

Wood and Concrete

Wood steps can be beautiful. They come in many styles, types, and colors. Of course, they also need a lot of care over the years. They need staining every few, for example. Eventually, no matter what you do, they will decay, and even splinter, sometimes. You will have to manage those possibilities. They’re also at risk of pests like termites. While they’re beautiful, are they worth all that work?

Concrete steps are sturdy; you probably know this. Do you know that they don’t have to be grey and boring? They can be absolutely beautiful. They have many colors, styles and patterns, and they can even be made to look like other types of materials. If you like the look of marble, you can do that with concrete. Or, if you like brick, concrete can resemble that, too.

Stamped concrete is very easy to care for. Even if you don’t give it the care you should, it will still last much longer than wood. Keep it clean easily, seal it far less often, and never worry about splintering. Plus, it’s much, much harder to damage concrete steps with falling objects, or other potentially damaging things.

Add that amazing upper level to your structure and get beautiful steps for it. Call Stamped Artistry today and find out what concrete can do for you, your steps, and your home in general.

Make the Waiting Room of Your Business a Place Your Clients Want to Be

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Stamped and stained concrete have the ability to transform a room. Where you once had a space that was little different from any other in your space, such as your office, you could have a touch of of something extra attractive to make it the place to be. When clients come into your business and have to wait, you want them to be comfortable. While a clean space, with comfortable seating and interesting things to keep them occupied as they wait, is a common, important element, imagine how much nicer it would be for them if the waiting room was even more beautiful with colorful stained concrete.

The Place to Be is Your Office

Beautiful, well-made stamped concrete can transform any area in to a place in which people want to be. Make a pool deck the summertime hot-spot. Make a driveway beautiful. Stylize any area, including the waiting area. When you’re forced to leave your clients for a time in the waiting area, leave them in a nice, comfortable place. Give them interesting colors and styles. You might think that a floor couldn’t make that much more of a difference, but it truly can.

Colors can add to the serenity of a place; with the right color choices, you keep your clients in a serene setting. The designs can be pleasing to the eye, and not only keep clients happy, but have them asking who designed your floors. The more your clients notice how nice your office is, the more likely it is that their experiences will be pleasant.

Plus, stamped and stained concrete is strong. Your clients and their children can run around in your waiting room all day, and they will never do enough damage to wear it down anytime soon. You can clean it easily, care for it easily, and you’ll have beautiful floors in your office for many, many years.

Make your office waiting room the place to be with concrete from Stamped Artistry.

Avoiding Potential Disadvantages of Concrete Floors

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While stamped and stained concrete can be the perfect choice for your next floors, countertops, and more, that does not mean it won’t need care over the years. All materials have their drawbacks, but you can avoid them. Whatever negative there may be to having concrete floors, there is a solution for it.

The Floor is Cold

This is true of most, if not all hard floors. This is one of the common reasons people choose carpet over hard floors of any kind; they don’t want to set bare feet on cold floors, particularly in the morning, or after a warm bath. Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing in hot climates.

That is where area rugs come in handy. Find some that suit your décor and place them in the right spots. You can avoid getting cold feet often. Don’t forget your socks, too.

The Floor is Slippery

Truthfully, concrete floors are not as slippery as you might think. Rather, it will be slippery if it is wet, and might be so if you wear socks. However, it is no more slick than any other hard floor. Plus, texturizing and applying certain seals help prevent slipping. That is why concrete is so suitable even for pool decks. It also never hurts to have rules about running in the house when you have children who might spill liquids.

The Floor is Hard

This is another common reason people choose carpet. Of course, this negative is usually true of any hard floor. For those who want concrete flooring but have concerns about how hard it is, soft area rugs are, again, great for helping with that issue. You can place enough of them to help, but not so many that they are a décor problem. If you worry over the children’s room being hard, there are excellent, colorful play pads, usually in the shapes of puzzle pieces, to help with that.

Ultimately, there is an answer to every potential negative when it comes to concrete floors. That makes them near perfect for your home. Find out more from Stamped Artistry today.

Cook Outdoors More Often with a Kitchen Patio

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If you love to cook, you probably do so by all sorts of means, including an outdoor barbecue. If that’s the case, you may sometimes wish you had a better outdoor setting in which you create your summer treats. You can have the kitchen of your dreams; actually, you can have two. Turn your patio into an almost-complete second kitchen when you feel the need for adventurous cooking.

Stamped Concrete Makes a Sturdy Setting for Kitchen Patio

Outdoor kitchens are attractive additions to homes. They help make outdoor spaces more inviting, and more like extra living spaces. You can make them as simple, or as extravagant as you want. If all you need is a nice place on which to set your grill, and on which your guests can set themselves, you can have it. Beautiful stained, stamped concrete makes the patio floor, and a concrete retaining wall makes a lovely centerpiece and place to sit.

If you want something more, you can make room for all the accessories you have in your indoor kitchen. Concrete can serve as the frame for all appliances that need to be installed, like refrigerators, sinks, and more. You can even have cabinets if you want them. Of course, stained concrete makes excellent countertops for outdoor cooking.

Stained and stamped concrete are both beautiful and functional. Concrete can be stained and stamped to suit almost anyone’s style; if you want the look of natural stone without the cost, for example, concrete can offer it. Even more importantly, it’s durable. You can chop, dice, cook, and do it all outside; your concrete kitchen patio will remain beautiful through the years.

Find out all that concrete can do for you. Get the outdoor kitchen patio of your dreams for this coming summer, and do it soon. Contact Stamped Artistry today.

Create the Ultimate Gorgeous Garden this Spring with Stamped Concrete

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Spring is coming; those beautiful days have already started appearing, and soon there will be more. It can be a short-lived season, however, depending upon where you live. So, take advantage of it while it’s in full swing. Get started on your beautiful garden now so that it will bloom fully early on, and look its best throughout the whole season, and into summer. Do this by caring for plants, and by creating the perfect décor with stamped concrete.

Create Your Paradise

Stamped concrete is not merely for floors, driveways, and patios. Anyplace you want the ground to look nice is where you should place stamped concrete. That means you can have a beautiful place to sit directly in the center of your garden, or yard, if you like. The concrete will look like beautiful, natural stone, and will last through the years as it’s incredibly durable and resistant to the elements.

Add even more to your garden centerpiece. Place beautiful stamped and stained concrete at the base. Then, add a concrete fireplace, or a fountain. Place potted flowers around your comfortable outdoor furniture, and you can even add wooden coverage with vines and flowers. In the end, you have a beautiful, lasting outdoor space.

Build lovely walkways through your bushes and flower beds where you can take strolls, and enjoy the weather, and the sight of your well-tended garden. These can lead from the house to your sitting area, and all around. You could also have a sturdy place on which to put your kneeling pad and care for your plants.

The possibilities for stamped concrete in your garden are limitless. At Stamped Artistry, we will work with you to great your Eden. Call us today to get started and be ready for the days when spring is in full bloom.

Weather-Worn Concrete Basics

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If you have concrete flooring, it’s very durable. It will survive all the abuse you can throw at it for years. It could even last for a lifetime. While your standard concrete sidewalk will crack because it gets such little care, professionally stained and stamped concrete is beautiful, and it remains that way. It is sturdy, reliable, and stylish as long as you want it in your home, or around it. Of course, if your concrete is exposed to the elements, it will need a little extra care. But, weather-worn concrete is very manageable.

Managing Weather-Worn Concrete

The first step in managing weather-worn concrete that is exposed to the elements is defending it. When your concrete is first installed, it should be protected with good sealant. This is the first line of defense against the weather. Nearly all stamped and stained concrete comes with some form of protection.

If you start to see damage on your concrete, never leave it any longer than necessary. As long as you make an effort to care for your floors, you can avoid most damage. Or, you may only have mild issues with which to contend. Fixing them will probably be easy, like a good clean and more sealant. Major problems might call for resurfacing.

For mild damage, a professional can scrub your floor if it has a brushed finish. If you have a smooth, shiny finish, then you might need resurfacing for professional care. Concrete that is both stamped and stained may call for even more repairs; that process could need re-staining and overlays. All this depends upon your floors and the extent of the wear and tear, which is why you don’t want to let it get to that point.

To avoid it, set a schedule for maintenance. You won’t have to do much. Keep your floor relatively clean. Add new sealant as often as is recommended by your concrete expert. When cleaning, use only the tools and solutions recommended by your professional, too.

At Stamped Artistry, we install and repair your concrete, and we’ll advise you on care. Contact us today for issues with weather-worn concrete.

Basic Benefits of Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete has many benefits. It cannot be said often enough just how well this type of flooring could serve you, whether indoors or outdoors. Of course, a few people may still need some convincing. So, here are some basic benefits of stamped concrete for your consideration.

You can choose from a wide variety of appearances.

Stamped concrete’s ability to be poured, stained, and stamped into a wide variety of colors, shapes, and overall styles makes it a highly desirable material for flat surfaces. Some people do not realize the extent of concrete’s versatility. It is far from the standard concrete you see on city pavement. You can have the natural look of stone, or interlocking pavers, or make it shimmer like marble.

Smooth and stable, it is unlikely to crack and reveal weeds.

When people think of concrete, they may see images of cracked, grey surfaces like sidewalks. That is not the stamped concrete of a home. Instead, stamped concrete forms a beautiful, smooth, colorful, sturdy flooring that resists the elements. It settles flat, leaving no room for anything to push through, like weeds if your concrete is outdoors. It can handle the wind and rain. It will resist moving furniture, foot traffic, spills, and more.

It suits indoor flooring, outdoor patios, and beyond.

If you prefer hard floors in your home, stamped concrete is a very viable choice. It has all the beauty of any tile you might choose. It cleans easily, and resists all the damage that you and your family can cause. If you want an attractive patio space, stamped concrete works for that, too. It is also tough enough to be a driveway.

If you want new flooring, don’t rush to select all the more common materials. Consider the benefits of stamped concrete. Call us at Stamped Artistry today and let us show you what this durable and versatile material can do.

A Second Dining Room with a Stamped Concrete Patio

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Well-designed stamped concrete has the ability to transform any area to which it’s applied. Stamped concrete can make a pool deck, or even a driveway glamorous. Your dining room can be both durable and stylish, ready to impress guests, as well as handle their messes. So, with all that stamped concrete can do to brighten and stylize your dining area, why not turn another area of your home into a dining-worthy space?

Transform Your Patio for Dining

As proud as you may be of your dining room indoors and how well you care for it, have you ever wished that your patio was attractive enough to entertain guests the way you do in that dining room? When the weather is mild and pleasant, many people find dining outdoors to be a nice experience. You can transform that dinner into a full-fledged patio party with lights and candles, and then take the fun and food to the fire pit for s’mores.

A stamped concrete patio is a significant step in making this happen. In terms of appearance, you can have almost any stain and pattern that you want. You can match the general outward appearance of your home, or create a new look for the space. The concrete sets the tone for anything else with which you decorate.

Stamped and stained concrete can withstand the elements, too. When the weather is not appropriate for outdoor dining, the floor will be ready when it is. It will resist wind, rain, sun, and whatever is thrown at it. All you need to do is clean it gently from time to time, and that is easy to do, too.

If you like to entertain, create another space for it. Take advantage of those beautiful days and nights; create a second dining room with a stamped concrete patio. Call us at Stamped Artistry and ask us how we can help you achieve this.

Enjoy a Concrete Front Porch

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Front porches can be the favorite spot of a home. When the weather is mild, a lovely front porch is a great place to sit and do almost anything. Even when the weather is not mild, a hot day can call for a cold drink and fan on the front porch, or a hot drink and blankets if it’s cold. Make your porch a place you want to be and consider using concrete. 

The Wooden Look

A wooden porch is a beautiful thing. However, it’s hard to maintain in the outdoors with all of the weather changes. You can still have that appearance, even with concrete. The concrete can be wood-stamped. It is stained to have natural colors resembling those of wood. Whether black or brown-toned, it can match your home and give it a classic look.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

In fact, concrete can be stamped to have a multitude of potential appearances. Want a stone porch without the expense? Try stamped concrete; you can have the color and texture of any stone you want—grey, red, black, and more. You can have modern geometric shapes, or the entire porch can be a single color and texture. You can have the concrete smoothed, stained to your liking, with a shining finish.

Concrete has great potential. It’s durable. It can withstand the changing weather over the years, and needs little more than sweeping and gentle washing to keep it clean. And, it can be almost anything you want it to be. That means you can spend your mornings, afternoons, evenings, and anytime in between lounging on your dream porch.

Enjoy a new concrete front porch. Talk to us at Stamped Artistry about what sort of look you want your porch to have and let us help make your dream of enjoying the space a reality.