January 2015 - Stamped Artistry

Concrete is Not Just for Outdoors

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When you think of concrete for your home, you probably think about a patio or a driveway. The reality, however, is that concrete has a huge number of different applications in home design. You can even put concrete to use to make the inside of your home more beautiful and unique than you ever dreamed.P1050360

Concrete can be used in a lot of different ways indoors. You can put concrete on your floors to create a durable and modern look. You can add concrete countertops to your kitchen or bath as an alternative to granite or to marble. You can even have custom-made sinks made out of concrete. You can design your concrete products in different colors and with acid staining, no two products will ever be the same. The patterns and colors can be even more versatile than granite or man-made countertops like quartz and formica and the concrete is going to be a durable solution that will stand up to the test of time.

Call Stamped Artistry today to get your concrete project started and make your home a more beautiful space.

Does Your Outdoor Area Need Renovation?

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If your outdoor space needs to be renovated and updated, it is time to talk to the professionals at Stamped Artistry.

With stamped and stained concrete, you can create a new and beautiful outdoor area that is more functional and attractive than you have ever dreamed of.IMG_20120731_143232

Stamped or stained concrete can be used in many different applications outside. Perhaps you simply want a new deck or a larger patio space. You can have it, with a beautiful stamped concrete design or with concrete that is stained in a color of your choosing. You may want an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace or a new swimming pool area. Stamped concrete and stained concrete can be used for your hardscaping project, the pool area or the countertops on your gourmet outdoor cooking area.

Stamped and stained concrete both come in a wide variety of different patterns, colors and looks. You can match your new concrete outdoor features with your existing back yard or come up with a totally new look.

Dont hesitate to call Stamped Artistry to get your project started.