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Benefits of an Outdoor Patio with Concrete Floors

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IMG_20120516_111622An outdoor patio can make your living space seem much bigger. With a beautiful outdoor patio, you do not have to be stuck inside your house during the spring, summer, and fall. You can create an outdoor living room and an outdoor kitchen that are extensions of your home, where you truly love to spend your time while enjoying nature. If you are hoping to create an outdoor oasis by putting in a patio or fixing up the deck space you have, you are going to need to decide on materials. Concrete is often the best choice because it is durable and affordable. Concrete does not have to be boring, either–you can have stamped or stained concrete that is one-of-a-kind and that becomes the centerpiece of your outdoor living arrangement.  Find out from Stamped Artistry what the different options are for designing a beautiful outdoor space with concrete in your back yard.

Create an Inviting Patio with Concrete Seats and Walls

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You already know that you can create a comfortable space on your patio with décor and furniture. Did you know that you can make the patio part of that décor and furniture? With short walls of stamped and stained concrete, you could have a beautiful, inviting outdoor space with extra seating for anyone you could think to invite.

Seats Made of Retaining Walls

These seat walls are essentially retaining walls set at a height that is low enough for comfortable seating, but high enough to create an enclosure. If you place them directly onto the already-existing patio, you change very little about the space size overall, while still adding seating space. If you place them directly next to the patio, you could maximize the space.

Make the Most of the Space

Well-designed seat walls are simple ways to create an entertainment space on your patio. They are also relative inexpensive. These short walls can be made of the same concrete style as your patio, or they can be made of a different stamp style and stain for a creative contrast. You have attractive, extra places for people to sit, or for décor, such as plants and flowers, sculptures, etc.

These walls have the potential to make your patio more visually diverse. Rather than looking out and seeing a flat landscape, you look out and see colorful variety. If you enjoy outdoor spaces in winter, or enjoy cooking outdoors, you could even set a concrete fireplace or cooker at the center so that you can converse with everyone around you as you enjoy the fire.

If you like the look, you are not limited to a single retaining wall. With one low retaining wall for seating, and another on top of that one, off set enough to create a back for that seat, you have concrete seats with backs, or double the seating area for those who don’t mind sitting on the uppermost wall. You also have yet another way of creating visual variety on your patio.

Find out more about create an inviting patio with concrete seats and walls by contacting Stamped Artistry today.

Holidays on the Patio

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IMG_20131204_121759The holidays are passing, but we are still gathering for the New Year and other reasons this season. Just because the temperatures are down for many doesn’t mean that the patio has to be left out in the cold. If you are having friends and family over this season, there are ways to holidays on the patio and make it people-ready, even if the weather outside seems frightful.

Stamped concrete is as nice as any indoor floor.

You can set up a table on the patio—large or small—and offer your guests dinner, drinks, and more, and not have to worry about spills, unstable tables, or anything else. Stamped concrete is nice enough for indoor floors and strong enough for the outdoors. It is easily cleaned, too. Don’t feel like your guests must be inside because the patio isn’t as nice. Stamped concrete, among other types of patio flooring, is just perfect.

You can have counters and more for cooking outside.

Have you ever thought that you wanted more than an outdoor grill? Perhaps you wanted counter tops, a sink, and a stove. Well, concrete countertops are excellent for a patio counter that surrounds all of those other things. You can cook and serve out on the patio with concrete countertops of almost any color and style you can imagine.

You can safely warm things up with a fire.

There are plenty of options for keeping the patio warm when it’s cold. You can light a fire in a patio pit or stove, get an outdoor-safe space heater, and more. Additionally, you can make, or buy, drapes or netting that surrounds the patio area and helps keep the warmth where you want it. Candles make for lovely mood lighting and add to the more comfortable temperature.

If you want some help prepping for holidays on the patio, we can help you spruce up your patio floors and countertops. Call us now and don’t wait. The year will soon be over.

Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Patio

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sculpt1The weather is getting much warmer and the heart of summer will soon be here. Summer is a perfect time to spend outside. Unfortunately, many people do not go outdoors because they are not happy with their patio or deck. If you have a deck space that looks unsightly and you are ready to find a better solution, stamped or stained concrete may be just the answer that you are looking for.

With stamped or stained concrete, you can get a durable and beautiful surface that can withstand the heat of summer as well as the cold of winter and the wet rains of spring. You can choose from many different patterns and colors and you can make your outdoor space the exact shape and style that you want the space to be. To find out more about making your outdoor space beautiful with a stamped or stained concrete patio, contact Stamped Artistry today.