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Create the Ultimate Gorgeous Garden this Spring with Stamped Concrete

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Spring is coming; those beautiful days have already started appearing, and soon there will be more. It can be a short-lived season, however, depending upon where you live. So, take advantage of it while it’s in full swing. Get started on your beautiful garden now so that it will bloom fully early on, and look its best throughout the whole season, and into summer. Do this by caring for plants, and by creating the perfect décor with stamped concrete.

Create Your Paradise

Stamped concrete is not merely for floors, driveways, and patios. Anyplace you want the ground to look nice is where you should place stamped concrete. That means you can have a beautiful place to sit directly in the center of your garden, or yard, if you like. The concrete will look like beautiful, natural stone, and will last through the years as it’s incredibly durable and resistant to the elements.

Add even more to your garden centerpiece. Place beautiful stamped and stained concrete at the base. Then, add a concrete fireplace, or a fountain. Place potted flowers around your comfortable outdoor furniture, and you can even add wooden coverage with vines and flowers. In the end, you have a beautiful, lasting outdoor space.

Build lovely walkways through your bushes and flower beds where you can take strolls, and enjoy the weather, and the sight of your well-tended garden. These can lead from the house to your sitting area, and all around. You could also have a sturdy place on which to put your kneeling pad and care for your plants.

The possibilities for stamped concrete in your garden are limitless. At Stamped Artistry, we will work with you to great your Eden. Call us today to get started and be ready for the days when spring is in full bloom.

Update Your Pool Deck Before Summer

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It’s still cool, even cold in much of the U.S. However, the weather is slowly warming. Soon it will be spring, and then summer. It all seems to come quickly when we’re busy with our lives. This means that swimming weather will soon be upon us, as will weather comfortable enough for enjoying your outdoor deck. Don’t wait for that weather to be in full swing. Update your pool deck before summer has a chance to start.

Pool Deck Upgrading

If you already have a pool deck, take a look at it. How old is it? When was the last time you had it cleaned, sealed, and any other maintenance? There are a lot of choices when it comes to your pool deck. You’re never stuck with what you have, even if you’re worried about price.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete make beautiful pool decks. As a material, concrete is one of the strongest things you can buy. It will last for years with very little maintenance. And, it can have virtually any appearance you want; this is not your standard sidewalk concrete.

Rather, this concrete can be stamped and molded to look like much more expensive materials. It can look like stone, brick, and more. It can be stained with natural-looking colors, or with gorgeous colors for a more creative design.

You don’t have to worry about water causing slips and falls, either. These decks are sealed to protect against the elements, including the sun, rain, and more, and have texture and anti-slippage coverage to help eliminate that risk. They’re safe for you, your children, and your guests.

Get your dream pool deck for summer, and even for spring. Be ready as soon as warm weather hits. Just call Stamped Artistry.

Basic Benefits of Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete has many benefits. It cannot be said often enough just how well this type of flooring could serve you, whether indoors or outdoors. Of course, a few people may still need some convincing. So, here are some basic benefits of stamped concrete for your consideration.

You can choose from a wide variety of appearances.

Stamped concrete’s ability to be poured, stained, and stamped into a wide variety of colors, shapes, and overall styles makes it a highly desirable material for flat surfaces. Some people do not realize the extent of concrete’s versatility. It is far from the standard concrete you see on city pavement. You can have the natural look of stone, or interlocking pavers, or make it shimmer like marble.

Smooth and stable, it is unlikely to crack and reveal weeds.

When people think of concrete, they may see images of cracked, grey surfaces like sidewalks. That is not the stamped concrete of a home. Instead, stamped concrete forms a beautiful, smooth, colorful, sturdy flooring that resists the elements. It settles flat, leaving no room for anything to push through, like weeds if your concrete is outdoors. It can handle the wind and rain. It will resist moving furniture, foot traffic, spills, and more.

It suits indoor flooring, outdoor patios, and beyond.

If you prefer hard floors in your home, stamped concrete is a very viable choice. It has all the beauty of any tile you might choose. It cleans easily, and resists all the damage that you and your family can cause. If you want an attractive patio space, stamped concrete works for that, too. It is also tough enough to be a driveway.

If you want new flooring, don’t rush to select all the more common materials. Consider the benefits of stamped concrete. Call us at Stamped Artistry today and let us show you what this durable and versatile material can do.

A Second Dining Room with a Stamped Concrete Patio

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Well-designed stamped concrete has the ability to transform any area to which it’s applied. Stamped concrete can make a pool deck, or even a driveway glamorous. Your dining room can be both durable and stylish, ready to impress guests, as well as handle their messes. So, with all that stamped concrete can do to brighten and stylize your dining area, why not turn another area of your home into a dining-worthy space?

Transform Your Patio for Dining

As proud as you may be of your dining room indoors and how well you care for it, have you ever wished that your patio was attractive enough to entertain guests the way you do in that dining room? When the weather is mild and pleasant, many people find dining outdoors to be a nice experience. You can transform that dinner into a full-fledged patio party with lights and candles, and then take the fun and food to the fire pit for s’mores.

A stamped concrete patio is a significant step in making this happen. In terms of appearance, you can have almost any stain and pattern that you want. You can match the general outward appearance of your home, or create a new look for the space. The concrete sets the tone for anything else with which you decorate.

Stamped and stained concrete can withstand the elements, too. When the weather is not appropriate for outdoor dining, the floor will be ready when it is. It will resist wind, rain, sun, and whatever is thrown at it. All you need to do is clean it gently from time to time, and that is easy to do, too.

If you like to entertain, create another space for it. Take advantage of those beautiful days and nights; create a second dining room with a stamped concrete patio. Call us at Stamped Artistry and ask us how we can help you achieve this.

Stamped Concrete Through the Seasons

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Stamped-Overlay-(1)There are many advantages to having stamped concrete as the floor of your outdoor patio. These reasons—variety of design, lesser cost, durability, etc.—continue to be valid and, as fall and winter approach, the list continues to grow. In many locations, the changing weather brings moisture, leaves, and more that litter patios and decks. Fortunately, stamped concrete floors resist the elements well are easy to clean.

The weather does not have to stop you from enjoying the patio. Stamped concrete retains its attractiveness through the seasons. The options for this type of flooring consist of designs that have all the beauty of an indoor floor. Solid craftsmanship and durable materials prevent weather-related damage. You can continue to entertain on your patio throughout the year.

If dirt, leaves, and moisture start to clutter your patio, cleaning is easy. Stamped concrete patios can be swept, rinsed, and washed with cleansers, some of which are specially formulated to maintain the life of your patio. Of course, if you’re concerned about rain ruining your plans, some patio coverage allows you to continue enjoying the space. If things get chilly, you can add a charming, wood burning patio heater, or any other type you prefer, without any risk of damaging your patio.

Stamped concrete is an excellent way to make sure you have use of your patio anytime you please. It will last through the seasons, can withstand the weather, and is easy to clean. You can enjoy your patio year-round; just add what you need to make it warm, dry, and comfortable.

If you want stamped concrete for your outdoor patio or space, contact Stamped Artistry. We have a wide selection of patio and flooring options for you. Enjoy the fall weather and coming Thanksgiving with your family on your lovely, cozy concrete patio.

Can’t I Just Remove My Carpet for Modern Concrete Flooring?

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Like many potential DIYers, you have a great idea. You’re tired of looking at your existing carpet. And who could blame you? Quite frankly, there are few things worse than old, stained, musty carpet. Like many potential DIYers, you have a great idea. You know there’s concrete under that flooring, so why not just yank up the carpet and doctor the concrete a little for some sweet, modern concrete flooring?

What You May Not Have Considered

Well, it sounds like a good idea, but there’s really more to it than all that. See, pulling up that carpet is only part of the job (the easiest part). What you’re going to find underneath is likely a less-than desirable looking slab of concrete. It will be full of stains, cracks, chips…you know, everything EXCEPT what you want.stain005[1]

And you can’t simply throw a stain on it and hope for the best. Oh, and we failed to mention how much of a pain it is to remove the tack strips.

Get a Professional

You can pull up the carpet if you like, but we recommend you have a professional come in and properly prep the floor for staining. They can make the necessary repairs and preparations to ensure that your finished product looks great. It’s worth the extra money! Contact Stamped Artistry for your new concrete flooring.

Can You Use Stamped Concrete Indoors?

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Concrete is a material that many people associate with outdoor decks and outdoor patios.  However, the reality is that concrete is a very versatile product that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Concrete can be used for floors inside, or for countertops or sinks. Metallics-2There are no limits to the types of applications for indoor concrete and you can let your imagination be your guide in deciding where you want to use concrete.

There are a wide variety of different patterns of concrete that you can choose from if you decide that you want to use concrete inside of your home. You can make concrete into a one-of-a-kind countertop or floor with unique staining or patterns. Stamped Artistry can help you to explore all of the different looks and colors that are available for use in your home so you can choose the right look for your decor.

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