When You Need a Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls are everywhere, though you don’t hear the term often. But, you can see evidence of all the things they can be and do for a landscape. They sit at the bottom of soil slopes. They divide gardens from yards. They add décor and seating to patios, poolsides, and more.

When do you know if you need a retaining wall, however?

The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to provide extra support against soil that may erode downhill; it resists gravity for the sake of the slope. If you have a steeply sloping landscape, then you could probably use a retaining wall to protecting against erosion. It’s also helpful for growing plants on those slopes.

Retaining walls help keep sloping land usable, overall. You may have seen images of farmland on steep slopes lined with short walls, creating a step-like pattern, almost like an arena made in the landscape. That is how those farmers use retaining walls to successfully grow their crops on difficult landscapes. They’re often called agricultural terraces. This has worked for many centuries, even millennia, because it helps the farmers manage water runoff and make better use of water. If you have a sloping garden, or you want to add another level to your garden, rather than relying on potted plants, a retaining wall could contain that secondary garden level.

Of course, retaining walls can be great aesthetically, too. They can add to your outdoor landscape. They’re great decor, lasting, and even provide extra seating for your patio visitors. Even if you don’t have to retain soil, and manage water and erosion, you could still benefit from a retaining wall. Just ask a professional.

If you want to know more about retaining walls and determine if you could benefit from one, or you would like one, then call Stamped Artistry. We can give you a beautiful, natural-looking retaining wall to last you many, many years.