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Tips for Cleaning Stained Concrete

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Cleaning the floor is not most people’s favorite pastime. Some floors make it easier than others, and of the types of flooring there are to clean, stained concrete is one of the easiest. There are no fibers to catch dust and debris, or grout and crevices that make mopping well difficult, etc. Instead, you have beautiful, smooth floors that are comparatively easy to clean.

They’re Easy to Clean

That does not mean that your stained concrete floors need no maintenance. You will need to clean them well and with some care to maintain their appearance. For example, exterior stained concrete will be subject to the elements, which can cause some wear. Resealing may be necessary on a rare occasion; doing it once per year as a precaution may be a good idea. This will continue the surface protection from wear and tear.

The frequency of cleaning and resealing will depend upon the frequency, and nature of the wear and tear. For example, is the flooring outdoors near the pool? It is a patio? Or, is it indoors? If the concrete is outdoors with no shelter, you will get wind blowing dirt and debris around, as well as rain and other potentially damaging weather-related events. Indoors, however, there will only be the traffic you bring inside.

For basic cleaning, dry dust the floors; vacuums are often a little too rough on the floors. When you mop, use water, or a mild cleaner. If you need something stronger for tougher stains, try a stronger, but still gentle, soap solution, or vinegar. If the floor is no longer shiny, try waxing.

Staining takes durable concrete and turns it into a beautiful, and permanent part of your home. Whether it’s indoors or outside, your stained concrete will last with cleaning and care. Let us help you find the perfect stained concrete for your home at Stamped Artistry.

Concrete Overlay vs. Removal

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Is your driveway, patio, or other concrete area looking worn? Is it cracked, chipped, or otherwise making you think it needs to be completely redone? Consider having a professional take a look. You may not need a removal, but a concrete overlay instead.

Why the Overlay May be Better Than a Removal

As long as the underlying concrete is still stable and not crumbling, an overlay could be the best option. Overlays are just as new and attractive as a completely new driveway. You can have it stamped, or in any decorative pattern possible with concrete, without the expense of removing all the existing concrete.

Professional concrete overlays are not standard driveway concrete. They are made for strength, durability, and can be creatively altered to suit your design preferences with staining, stamping, special polymers, fibers, and other methods and ingredients. You can revitalize your driveway, patio, or other concrete surface with a custom and completely new look, and a finished product that is as functional as the first version.

A professional can take your troubled concrete area and add overlay mixes that transform plain, standard concrete into an elegant addition to your home. Even if the current concrete is not too worn, but you want something new and better, anyway, consider an overlay. You could have new colors, finishes, or a brick, or paver appearance. Find inspiration for new porches, decks, pool areas, and anywhere concrete will work. You may even find yourself inspired to renew other parts of your home to match your beautiful new concrete.

Rather than replace the area with what you already know, you could have what you really want without spending too much more, and with far less trouble than the replacement project. Consider concrete overlays. Contact us at Stamped Concrete. We’ll evaluate your old concrete and help you get the patio, driveway, or any other concrete area of your dreams.