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Brighten Your Garage with Metallic Epoxy Coating on the Floors

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How is your garage looking these days? Have you wished that it was nicer, a place you really want to be? Your garage can be more than a place to store your car and belongings. You can make it anything you want. This might require some organization, cleaning, and decorating. There are innumerable possibilities for sprucing up your garage, and you might consider adding nicer floors, like metallic epoxy coating, to the list.

Metallic Epoxy Coating for Your Garage Floors

You don’t want just any flooring for your garage. You need something attractive, something that inspires you, but you also need something durable. Concrete has the ability to give you all of this. There are all kinds of stamping and staining you can do with concrete, including the metallic look. Give your garage floor strength, color, and flash with metallic epoxy coating.

Despite being colorful and shiny, epoxy floors are durable. That’s why they are great for high-traffic areas like garages. There are many types of metallic concrete flooring, and all that colorful variety is made with solvent, or water-based coating. They can also have texture, too; they’re highly-customizable. You could create a gorgeous floor that not only makes your garage look much better, but it also resist the wear and tear the usually happens in a garage.

It all lies in the polymer resin layers. You add metallic pigments for color, and then it all hardens to create that shiny, durable floor to spice up your garage. Thanks to the selection of colors and process of application, no two metallic epoxy floors are exactly alike, which means your garage floor will be uniquely yours.

Clean up the garage and get ready to make it a place you want to be with better organization, and gorgeous, durable metallic flooring. Call Stamped Artistry today for all your concrete-based flooring needs.

Add Flair with Metallic Flooring

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MetallicsHave you considered metallic flooring? It may not be as odd as you think. In recent years, metallic color varieties have increased according to demand. Metallic flooring has become more popular lately; it’s as easy to install as any other type of flooring, not too costly, almost any flooring specialist can help you, and it adds a special something to your business, or anywhere you choose to put it.

Metallic flooring had some popularity in the 90s. Thanks to more color availability, they’re being offered and installed more often again. If you have been considering some changes, they may add the perfect touch of color to your home—a flair for the new year.

These floors, when installed well, are durable. They resist all sorts of wear, including abrasions, impacts, and chemicals. You don’t need to wax, and after a long period has passed, you get back any shine lost by a simple refinishing. They are particularly great for sprucing up a business where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as a restaurant or bar.

Metallic floors are created with a combination of pigmented primer and then a metallic pigment base coat. Colors can vary widely; you can have a solid color primer, or a primer with metallic shine, and then yet another color, or metallic base coat. Then, a coating will have to be sprayed, and after a day the top coat is added. Finishes can be glossy or satin.

Consider adding some shine and flair to your floor for the coming year. Metallic flooring is not passé—thanks to the range of colors and styles you can create something simple, or something wild. Call or come to us at Stamped Artistry, and let us show you the possibilities for this stylish flooring system so we can get started now.