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Brighten Your Garage with Metallic Epoxy Coating on the Floors

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How is your garage looking these days? Have you wished that it was nicer, a place you really want to be? Your garage can be more than a place to store your car and belongings. You can make it anything you want. This might require some organization, cleaning, and decorating. There are innumerable possibilities for sprucing up your garage, and you might consider adding nicer floors, like metallic epoxy coating, to the list.

Metallic Epoxy Coating for Your Garage Floors

You don’t want just any flooring for your garage. You need something attractive, something that inspires you, but you also need something durable. Concrete has the ability to give you all of this. There are all kinds of stamping and staining you can do with concrete, including the metallic look. Give your garage floor strength, color, and flash with metallic epoxy coating.

Despite being colorful and shiny, epoxy floors are durable. That’s why they are great for high-traffic areas like garages. There are many types of metallic concrete flooring, and all that colorful variety is made with solvent, or water-based coating. They can also have texture, too; they’re highly-customizable. You could create a gorgeous floor that not only makes your garage look much better, but it also resist the wear and tear the usually happens in a garage.

It all lies in the polymer resin layers. You add metallic pigments for color, and then it all hardens to create that shiny, durable floor to spice up your garage. Thanks to the selection of colors and process of application, no two metallic epoxy floors are exactly alike, which means your garage floor will be uniquely yours.

Clean up the garage and get ready to make it a place you want to be with better organization, and gorgeous, durable metallic flooring. Call Stamped Artistry today for all your concrete-based flooring needs.

Unsightly Tire Marks on Your Driveway

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Do you hate the tire marks that lead onto and off of your driveway? They are unsightly and they’re not easy to remove. We want to be proud of our homes and feel good about them when we come home. Those pieces of rubber that make their way from your tires onto your nice driveway may seem superficial, but they can ruin the aesthetic of your driveway, and even affect the overall appeal of your home in your eyes.

Removing Tire Marks

When you have stained, or stamped concrete, or both, you have nothing to worry about in terms of durability; your concrete is safe from your tires, as well as most other damage that may occur during the years it serves as your driveway, or any other flooring at your home. That means it will survive your attempts to remove tire marks.

Sometimes, these marks are easy to remove. If they are not terribly old, or they are not very thick, it will be easier. It is also easier if your flooring is well-sealed. Coated floors resist the rubber much better, and so are much better when it comes to cleaning. You can always try soap and water, first. If that doesn’t work, try vinegar.

If you’re having trouble with old-fashioned methods, sometimes a simple degreaser will help. There are also stronger, over-the-counter solvents that may help. Before moving on to stronger solvents, you want to make sure that your concrete is well-sealed. Different seals withstand different solvents better than others, and while they are strong enough to resist many cleaners in the short-term, that doesn’t meant that they’re right for your concrete in the long-term.

When you need help maintaining your concrete flooring and driveway, trust the professionals at Stamped Artistry. We will help you create, install, and maintain your concrete floors.