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Weather-Worn Concrete Basics

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If you have concrete flooring, it’s very durable. It will survive all the abuse you can throw at it for years. It could even last for a lifetime. While your standard concrete sidewalk will crack because it gets such little care, professionally stained and stamped concrete is beautiful, and it remains that way. It is sturdy, reliable, and stylish as long as you want it in your home, or around it. Of course, if your concrete is exposed to the elements, it will need a little extra care. But, weather-worn concrete is very manageable.

Managing Weather-Worn Concrete

The first step in managing weather-worn concrete that is exposed to the elements is defending it. When your concrete is first installed, it should be protected with good sealant. This is the first line of defense against the weather. Nearly all stamped and stained concrete comes with some form of protection.

If you start to see damage on your concrete, never leave it any longer than necessary. As long as you make an effort to care for your floors, you can avoid most damage. Or, you may only have mild issues with which to contend. Fixing them will probably be easy, like a good clean and more sealant. Major problems might call for resurfacing.

For mild damage, a professional can scrub your floor if it has a brushed finish. If you have a smooth, shiny finish, then you might need resurfacing for professional care. Concrete that is both stamped and stained may call for even more repairs; that process could need re-staining and overlays. All this depends upon your floors and the extent of the wear and tear, which is why you don’t want to let it get to that point.

To avoid it, set a schedule for maintenance. You won’t have to do much. Keep your floor relatively clean. Add new sealant as often as is recommended by your concrete expert. When cleaning, use only the tools and solutions recommended by your professional, too.

At Stamped Artistry, we install and repair your concrete, and we’ll advise you on care. Contact us today for issues with weather-worn concrete.

Update Your Pool Deck Before Summer

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It’s still cool, even cold in much of the U.S. However, the weather is slowly warming. Soon it will be spring, and then summer. It all seems to come quickly when we’re busy with our lives. This means that swimming weather will soon be upon us, as will weather comfortable enough for enjoying your outdoor deck. Don’t wait for that weather to be in full swing. Update your pool deck before summer has a chance to start.

Pool Deck Upgrading

If you already have a pool deck, take a look at it. How old is it? When was the last time you had it cleaned, sealed, and any other maintenance? There are a lot of choices when it comes to your pool deck. You’re never stuck with what you have, even if you’re worried about price.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete make beautiful pool decks. As a material, concrete is one of the strongest things you can buy. It will last for years with very little maintenance. And, it can have virtually any appearance you want; this is not your standard sidewalk concrete.

Rather, this concrete can be stamped and molded to look like much more expensive materials. It can look like stone, brick, and more. It can be stained with natural-looking colors, or with gorgeous colors for a more creative design.

You don’t have to worry about water causing slips and falls, either. These decks are sealed to protect against the elements, including the sun, rain, and more, and have texture and anti-slippage coverage to help eliminate that risk. They’re safe for you, your children, and your guests.

Get your dream pool deck for summer, and even for spring. Be ready as soon as warm weather hits. Just call Stamped Artistry.

Stamped Concrete or Concrete Pavers for Your Patio

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Your patio plays an important part in your home’s appearance if you use it often. If you don’t, you may often wish that you had a nicer space that makes you want to spend more time there. Your patio could play a major part in your home’s welcoming landscape and new concrete flooring could be the way to make that happen. If so, there’s still the question of what sort of patio flooring would be better: stamped concrete or concrete pavers?

Stamps vs. Pavers

You have plenty of choices when it comes designing your patio, and those choices aren’t necessarily limited when you settle on a material. Either concrete pavers or stamped concrete can be laid to create beautiful patterns. And, both of these floors could last a lifetime with the proper care. They are also potentially affordable, if your budget is a concern.

Concrete pavers are generally easy to install. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and your options for design are basically unlimited. They work for patios, walkways, decks, gardens, and more. Pavers are installed one-by-one, and so the process can be a little time consuming. It’s relatively easy process however, and none of that affects the long-life they can have. Plus, if you ever need repairs, it’s usually easy to replace the pavers.

Stamped concrete is poured concrete that is stamped and stained to look the way you want it. Primary colors and accent colors give it beauty, and seals give it shine. Your design options are many with this type of patio flooring, too. These floors may require more care than pavers. However, many people find they’re worth it. Plus, installing is a less slow process. Repairing this floor may cost more, too.

In the end, your patio needs to have the look you want, at the price you want. Put the details that mean most to you in a hierarchical list—cost, look, maintenance, time to install, repairs, etc. That will help you decide between stamped concrete or concrete pavers. We can help at Stamped Concrete, too. We’ll help you choose, and we’ll install. Just call us.