April 2018 - Stamped Artistry

Create the Ultimate Gorgeous Garden this Spring with Stamped Concrete

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Spring is coming; those beautiful days have already started appearing, and soon there will be more. It can be a short-lived season, however, depending upon where you live. So, take advantage of it while it’s in full swing. Get started on your beautiful garden now so that it will bloom fully early on, and look its best throughout the whole season, and into summer. Do this by caring for plants, and by creating the perfect décor with stamped concrete.

Create Your Paradise

Stamped concrete is not merely for floors, driveways, and patios. Anyplace you want the ground to look nice is where you should place stamped concrete. That means you can have a beautiful place to sit directly in the center of your garden, or yard, if you like. The concrete will look like beautiful, natural stone, and will last through the years as it’s incredibly durable and resistant to the elements.

Add even more to your garden centerpiece. Place beautiful stamped and stained concrete at the base. Then, add a concrete fireplace, or a fountain. Place potted flowers around your comfortable outdoor furniture, and you can even add wooden coverage with vines and flowers. In the end, you have a beautiful, lasting outdoor space.

Build lovely walkways through your bushes and flower beds where you can take strolls, and enjoy the weather, and the sight of your well-tended garden. These can lead from the house to your sitting area, and all around. You could also have a sturdy place on which to put your kneeling pad and care for your plants.

The possibilities for stamped concrete in your garden are limitless. At Stamped Artistry, we will work with you to great your Eden. Call us today to get started and be ready for the days when spring is in full bloom.

Upgrade Your Flooring with Vertical Concrete Resurfacing

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If you have been searching for a way to upgrade your home or patio flooring, and all the options so far have been rather dull, then perhaps you have not yet seen the possibilities of concrete resurfacing. You can make your floors appear three-dimensional with concrete that has been formed, stamped, and stained to look like beautiful natural stone.

Rooms and Flooring

Stamped and stained concrete can look like many different types of natural stone. You can enhance the look of floors inside and outside of your home—living rooms, dining rooms, patios, and much more. When the years have weathered your floors, replacing them can still be too expensive for your budget, and patching may result in areas that simply don’t match. Vertical concrete resurfacing is applied over your existing flooring, or other surface, and adds a vertical lift. It can be installed almost anywhere; it can even cover the entire surface, if necessary.

While this resurfacing is often used for fireplaces and backsplashes, it can also be used to create short verticals, like steps, or retaining walls. You can cover imperfections, or create a new surface to give the space a different look. If you are bored of the flooring from the kitchen to the dining area being the same, use vertical concrete resurfacing to not only change the look of the floor, but to create a short, vertical step leading into the room.

More Than Floors

Retaining walls serve many purposes in your landscape. Whatever yours may be, you vertical concrete resurfacing can revitalize your concrete retaining wall and turn it into a beautiful part of your yard. Line it with flower beds, create a new space for seating that overlooks the wall, and much more.

Upgrade your home and patio flooring, your backsplashes, and your retaining walls with vertical concrete resurfacing now. Ask us how at Stamped Concrete.