December 2017 - Stamped Artistry

Warm Up the House with a New Fireplace

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Even if you enjoy some things about winter, you might not enjoy the increase in your energy bills as a result of turning up the heat. You can try something a little different, like using your fireplace. Of course, how does that fireplace look? Is it ready for use? Is it ready for you and your guests to sit around enjoying the heat? Warm up your home with a new fireplace this season.

You’ll love your fireplace’s new look.

We use the best materials for your fireplace. We can create beautiful additions to your home that are lasting and made to withstand a hot fire. You can have natural flagstone, or concrete creations to suit your home’s décor and your personal taste.

Have a warm, safe fire.

Whether you use a gas fireplace, or wood burning, we will make sure that the construction is up to code and completely safe. We understand that safety and functionality are far more important than the appearance. There is no reason, however, that you can’t have it all.

Get an excuse to gather.

Has that old fireplace just sat there looking abandoned for too long? Do you not spend as much time gathered in that room because it just isn’t cozy? A pretty fireplace and cozy fire could be just what you need to liven things up in there again. Make the room a place you want to gather, and that make you want to leave the technology behind for a while as you enjoy the warmth and company around a beautiful fireplace.

There are plenty of reasons to warm up with a new fireplace. Get started now and get some good fires going before the winter is over. Call Stamped Artistry today and ask about how we can build you your dream fireplace. We can have you warm and comfortable in the new year.

It’s Time for a New Outdoor Fire Pit

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The temperatures are dropping, but it’s not the end of outdoor fun. Cold temperatures give you new reasons to go out. When your family and friends come for the holidays, you don’t have to spend all your time inside out of the cold. Instead, make a warm place for yourselves outside with an outdoor fire pit.

Have some good grilled food.

Your fire pit does more than give you a place for a warm fire; you can cook outside. All you need are a few extra accouterments for safe and delicious outdoor cooking. You can grill almost anything you imagine. Add places to sit and some things to drink, and you’ve got yourself a great winter outdoor gathering at home. And, don’t forget to bring the sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make s’mores for after dinner.

Shed some light on your fun.

Even if you don’t plan on sitting around the fire, or cooking with it, sometimes it’s nice not to use electrical energy to shed some light on your yard. When you want some warmth for your outdoor activities, as well as some light, a fire pit is a great way to get both so you can continue to enjoy your yard in the winter. Just remember to practice fire safety.

Just relax in front of a warm fire on a cold night.

You don’t have to need a fire to have one. If all you want is to light a fire and sit around it with loved ones, then you can do it. A fire pit is attractive and functional, and fun when you want it.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new outdoor fire pit, you can have one. We’ll build yours with stone, stamped concrete, or a number of other attractive materials. Call us today to get yours started before the holidays get here.