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Make the Waiting Room of Your Business a Place Your Clients Want to Be

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Stamped and stained concrete have the ability to transform a room. Where you once had a space that was little different from any other in your space, such as your office, you could have a touch of of something extra attractive to make it the place to be. When clients come into your business and have to wait, you want them to be comfortable. While a clean space, with comfortable seating and interesting things to keep them occupied as they wait, is a common, important element, imagine how much nicer it would be for them if the waiting room was even more beautiful with colorful stained concrete.

The Place to Be is Your Office

Beautiful, well-made stamped concrete can transform any area in to a place in which people want to be. Make a pool deck the summertime hot-spot. Make a driveway beautiful. Stylize any area, including the waiting area. When you’re forced to leave your clients for a time in the waiting area, leave them in a nice, comfortable place. Give them interesting colors and styles. You might think that a floor couldn’t make that much more of a difference, but it truly can.

Colors can add to the serenity of a place; with the right color choices, you keep your clients in a serene setting. The designs can be pleasing to the eye, and not only keep clients happy, but have them asking who designed your floors. The more your clients notice how nice your office is, the more likely it is that their experiences will be pleasant.

Plus, stamped and stained concrete is strong. Your clients and their children can run around in your waiting room all day, and they will never do enough damage to wear it down anytime soon. You can clean it easily, care for it easily, and you’ll have beautiful floors in your office for many, many years.

Make your office waiting room the place to be with concrete from Stamped Artistry.

A Concrete Floor for Your Restaurant

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The restaurant business is a bustling one. None of the jobs available in the food business are easy; they’re rough on everyone, and on the floors. Restaurant floors see more foot traffic than many businesses–from patrons in the dining areas, to staff there and in other rooms, and the kitchen staff, of course. Where food is prepared, the floors experience too many spills and utensil crashes to count. It stand to reason that the floors should be more than attractive; they should be tough. A concrete floor for your restaurant could be perfect.

The Look

Concrete is not the grey and bland material you see outside. Your restaurant can have lasting concrete floors and still have the look you want. You can have any number of color combinations and styles that won’t wear down with time and extreme foot traffic like other flooring will. If your restaurant would look best with a natural stone appearance, you can have stamped concrete for that, too.

The Resilience

To keep this stained and stamped concrete floor beautiful despite all the traffic it will see, you need to maintain it, but not too much. Concrete is strong and easy to clean. You need only basic cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best, even after many busy lunch and dinner shifts. After years of serving you as well as you serve your customers, it will still be as beautiful as you want it to be.

All the business of a restaurant means many, many accidents. All those inevitable spills and utensil crashes, whether they happen in the dining area or the kitchen, won’t damage the floor either. As long as it’s maintained, cleaned, and spills are managed as soon as possible, your concrete floor can handle it.

Make your restaurant floor the best is can be. Call Stamped Artistry today.

When You Need a Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls are everywhere, though you don’t hear the term often. But, you can see evidence of all the things they can be and do for a landscape. They sit at the bottom of soil slopes. They divide gardens from yards. They add décor and seating to patios, poolsides, and more.

When do you know if you need a retaining wall, however?

The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to provide extra support against soil that may erode downhill; it resists gravity for the sake of the slope. If you have a steeply sloping landscape, then you could probably use a retaining wall to protecting against erosion. It’s also helpful for growing plants on those slopes.

Retaining walls help keep sloping land usable, overall. You may have seen images of farmland on steep slopes lined with short walls, creating a step-like pattern, almost like an arena made in the landscape. That is how those farmers use retaining walls to successfully grow their crops on difficult landscapes. They’re often called agricultural terraces. This has worked for many centuries, even millennia, because it helps the farmers manage water runoff and make better use of water. If you have a sloping garden, or you want to add another level to your garden, rather than relying on potted plants, a retaining wall could contain that secondary garden level.

Of course, retaining walls can be great aesthetically, too. They can add to your outdoor landscape. They’re great decor, lasting, and even provide extra seating for your patio visitors. Even if you don’t have to retain soil, and manage water and erosion, you could still benefit from a retaining wall. Just ask a professional.

If you want to know more about retaining walls and determine if you could benefit from one, or you would like one, then call Stamped Artistry. We can give you a beautiful, natural-looking retaining wall to last you many, many years.

Concrete Floors for Your Office

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Offices are busy places; not only do employees come and go, but clients do, as well. The larger the business, the more people there will be walking around. This can take a toll on the flooring, and you want the floors to be maintained because they’re part of the impression your office gives, overall. However, in the midst of the important business you conduct, the floor care can take a backseat. That is merely one of the reasons that concrete floors for your office could be perfect; they’re strong enough to handle strenuous traffic, even with a little less maintenance.

If you don’t have concrete floors already, installing them may not be the huge project it seems to be at first. Sometimes, there are already concrete floors beneath your current ones; all that needs to be done is to pull up the carpet, or other flooring, and start the process of finishing. The only way to know is to look.

Even if there is not concrete there, you can still have it. The professionals at Stamped Artistry can give you concrete floors that greatly enhance the visual appeal of your office, while being strong enough to withstand the years with easy care. In fact, those floors could have many more pros than your current ones.

Spills and Cleaning

Concrete is solid and strong. It’s also less porous than other materials, which makes it more resistant to spills. Add strong sealers, and you have a very easy time cleaning. Just quickly wipe and dry up any spills. It’s also easy to dust and mop; gentle cleaners will work very well. You can perform deeper, steam cleans once or twice per year to keep things even more well-maintained. It is also easy to prevent the accumulation of dust and allergens. Overall, you can spend more time on business, and less on keeping the floors clean.


Hopefully, you will be in business for many years. If so, your floors will need to stay strong all that time. Well-made concrete floors—with strong sealing, cleaning, and maintenance—can withstand all your business traffic through the years. You may never have to replace them, unless you want to opt for a different look.

Trust concrete floors for your office. Call Stamped Artistry today to get started on your business’ new flooring project.


The Importance of a Seal on Your Concrete Pool Deck

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Concrete pool decks can be both beautiful and functional. To remain that way, they need help. That concrete is tough, but sitting in the sun and being subjected to other elements throughout the year will take a toll even on the toughest materials. A seal on your concrete pool deck will make the deck look better, prevent fading in the sun, and protect it from pool chemicals.

Protection for the Concrete and You

Whatever type of concrete you have around your pool—stamped, stained, textures, and more—a seal is always recommended to preserve the beauty and life of your floor or deck. That concrete sealant can give your deck improved color and a glossy look, if you want. There are many different levels of gloss and a tinted sealer can boost the color of your deck.

Stains are also risks of having concrete around the pool. Sealing the deck helps prevent this. Over the years, your concrete deck will be subject to all sorts of chemicals in the pool, as well as debris from the environment. A good sealer protects your concrete pool deck from all this. If things freeze over winter, your concrete will also be protected from ice and thawing damage.

If you’re concerned about slipping risks, you needn’t be worried. There are slip-resistant sealers that are perfect for use around the pool. You can have both the protection and sheen, while still keeping your children safe as they play around the pool. This type of seal can help prevent accidents, even when water is splashed onto the concrete.

When your concrete pool deck is well-sealed, you help maintain it’s beauty over the years. You save yourself money on repairs, and may even need less maintenance. Of course, with slip-resistant sealers, you keep yourself safe, too.

Whether you get a new concrete pool deck, or you have one already, have it sealed to preserve it. Call Stamped Artistry today for all your concrete needs.

Avoiding Potential Disadvantages of Concrete Floors

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While stamped and stained concrete can be the perfect choice for your next floors, countertops, and more, that does not mean it won’t need care over the years. All materials have their drawbacks, but you can avoid them. Whatever negative there may be to having concrete floors, there is a solution for it.

The Floor is Cold

This is true of most, if not all hard floors. This is one of the common reasons people choose carpet over hard floors of any kind; they don’t want to set bare feet on cold floors, particularly in the morning, or after a warm bath. Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing in hot climates.

That is where area rugs come in handy. Find some that suit your décor and place them in the right spots. You can avoid getting cold feet often. Don’t forget your socks, too.

The Floor is Slippery

Truthfully, concrete floors are not as slippery as you might think. Rather, it will be slippery if it is wet, and might be so if you wear socks. However, it is no more slick than any other hard floor. Plus, texturizing and applying certain seals help prevent slipping. That is why concrete is so suitable even for pool decks. It also never hurts to have rules about running in the house when you have children who might spill liquids.

The Floor is Hard

This is another common reason people choose carpet. Of course, this negative is usually true of any hard floor. For those who want concrete flooring but have concerns about how hard it is, soft area rugs are, again, great for helping with that issue. You can place enough of them to help, but not so many that they are a décor problem. If you worry over the children’s room being hard, there are excellent, colorful play pads, usually in the shapes of puzzle pieces, to help with that.

Ultimately, there is an answer to every potential negative when it comes to concrete floors. That makes them near perfect for your home. Find out more from Stamped Artistry today.

Create an Inviting Patio with Concrete Seats and Walls

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You already know that you can create a comfortable space on your patio with décor and furniture. Did you know that you can make the patio part of that décor and furniture? With short walls of stamped and stained concrete, you could have a beautiful, inviting outdoor space with extra seating for anyone you could think to invite.

Seats Made of Retaining Walls

These seat walls are essentially retaining walls set at a height that is low enough for comfortable seating, but high enough to create an enclosure. If you place them directly onto the already-existing patio, you change very little about the space size overall, while still adding seating space. If you place them directly next to the patio, you could maximize the space.

Make the Most of the Space

Well-designed seat walls are simple ways to create an entertainment space on your patio. They are also relative inexpensive. These short walls can be made of the same concrete style as your patio, or they can be made of a different stamp style and stain for a creative contrast. You have attractive, extra places for people to sit, or for décor, such as plants and flowers, sculptures, etc.

These walls have the potential to make your patio more visually diverse. Rather than looking out and seeing a flat landscape, you look out and see colorful variety. If you enjoy outdoor spaces in winter, or enjoy cooking outdoors, you could even set a concrete fireplace or cooker at the center so that you can converse with everyone around you as you enjoy the fire.

If you like the look, you are not limited to a single retaining wall. With one low retaining wall for seating, and another on top of that one, off set enough to create a back for that seat, you have concrete seats with backs, or double the seating area for those who don’t mind sitting on the uppermost wall. You also have yet another way of creating visual variety on your patio.

Find out more about create an inviting patio with concrete seats and walls by contacting Stamped Artistry today.

Upgrade Your Flooring with Vertical Concrete Resurfacing

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If you have been searching for a way to upgrade your home or patio flooring, and all the options so far have been rather dull, then perhaps you have not yet seen the possibilities of concrete resurfacing. You can make your floors appear three-dimensional with concrete that has been formed, stamped, and stained to look like beautiful natural stone.

Rooms and Flooring

Stamped and stained concrete can look like many different types of natural stone. You can enhance the look of floors inside and outside of your home—living rooms, dining rooms, patios, and much more. When the years have weathered your floors, replacing them can still be too expensive for your budget, and patching may result in areas that simply don’t match. Vertical concrete resurfacing is applied over your existing flooring, or other surface, and adds a vertical lift. It can be installed almost anywhere; it can even cover the entire surface, if necessary.

While this resurfacing is often used for fireplaces and backsplashes, it can also be used to create short verticals, like steps, or retaining walls. You can cover imperfections, or create a new surface to give the space a different look. If you are bored of the flooring from the kitchen to the dining area being the same, use vertical concrete resurfacing to not only change the look of the floor, but to create a short, vertical step leading into the room.

More Than Floors

Retaining walls serve many purposes in your landscape. Whatever yours may be, you vertical concrete resurfacing can revitalize your concrete retaining wall and turn it into a beautiful part of your yard. Line it with flower beds, create a new space for seating that overlooks the wall, and much more.

Upgrade your home and patio flooring, your backsplashes, and your retaining walls with vertical concrete resurfacing now. Ask us how at Stamped Concrete.

Update Your Pool Deck Before Summer

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It’s still cool, even cold in much of the U.S. However, the weather is slowly warming. Soon it will be spring, and then summer. It all seems to come quickly when we’re busy with our lives. This means that swimming weather will soon be upon us, as will weather comfortable enough for enjoying your outdoor deck. Don’t wait for that weather to be in full swing. Update your pool deck before summer has a chance to start.

Pool Deck Upgrading

If you already have a pool deck, take a look at it. How old is it? When was the last time you had it cleaned, sealed, and any other maintenance? There are a lot of choices when it comes to your pool deck. You’re never stuck with what you have, even if you’re worried about price.

Stamped and Stained Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete make beautiful pool decks. As a material, concrete is one of the strongest things you can buy. It will last for years with very little maintenance. And, it can have virtually any appearance you want; this is not your standard sidewalk concrete.

Rather, this concrete can be stamped and molded to look like much more expensive materials. It can look like stone, brick, and more. It can be stained with natural-looking colors, or with gorgeous colors for a more creative design.

You don’t have to worry about water causing slips and falls, either. These decks are sealed to protect against the elements, including the sun, rain, and more, and have texture and anti-slippage coverage to help eliminate that risk. They’re safe for you, your children, and your guests.

Get your dream pool deck for summer, and even for spring. Be ready as soon as warm weather hits. Just call Stamped Artistry.

Stamped Concrete or Concrete Pavers for Your Patio

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Your patio plays an important part in your home’s appearance if you use it often. If you don’t, you may often wish that you had a nicer space that makes you want to spend more time there. Your patio could play a major part in your home’s welcoming landscape and new concrete flooring could be the way to make that happen. If so, there’s still the question of what sort of patio flooring would be better: stamped concrete or concrete pavers?

Stamps vs. Pavers

You have plenty of choices when it comes designing your patio, and those choices aren’t necessarily limited when you settle on a material. Either concrete pavers or stamped concrete can be laid to create beautiful patterns. And, both of these floors could last a lifetime with the proper care. They are also potentially affordable, if your budget is a concern.

Concrete pavers are generally easy to install. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and your options for design are basically unlimited. They work for patios, walkways, decks, gardens, and more. Pavers are installed one-by-one, and so the process can be a little time consuming. It’s relatively easy process however, and none of that affects the long-life they can have. Plus, if you ever need repairs, it’s usually easy to replace the pavers.

Stamped concrete is poured concrete that is stamped and stained to look the way you want it. Primary colors and accent colors give it beauty, and seals give it shine. Your design options are many with this type of patio flooring, too. These floors may require more care than pavers. However, many people find they’re worth it. Plus, installing is a less slow process. Repairing this floor may cost more, too.

In the end, your patio needs to have the look you want, at the price you want. Put the details that mean most to you in a hierarchical list—cost, look, maintenance, time to install, repairs, etc. That will help you decide between stamped concrete or concrete pavers. We can help at Stamped Concrete, too. We’ll help you choose, and we’ll install. Just call us.