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Create an Inviting Patio with Concrete Seats and Walls

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You already know that you can create a comfortable space on your patio with décor and furniture. Did you know that you can make the patio part of that décor and furniture? With short walls of stamped and stained concrete, you could have a beautiful, inviting outdoor space with extra seating for anyone you could think to invite.

Seats Made of Retaining Walls

These seat walls are essentially retaining walls set at a height that is low enough for comfortable seating, but high enough to create an enclosure. If you place them directly onto the already-existing patio, you change very little about the space size overall, while still adding seating space. If you place them directly next to the patio, you could maximize the space.

Make the Most of the Space

Well-designed seat walls are simple ways to create an entertainment space on your patio. They are also relative inexpensive. These short walls can be made of the same concrete style as your patio, or they can be made of a different stamp style and stain for a creative contrast. You have attractive, extra places for people to sit, or for décor, such as plants and flowers, sculptures, etc.

These walls have the potential to make your patio more visually diverse. Rather than looking out and seeing a flat landscape, you look out and see colorful variety. If you enjoy outdoor spaces in winter, or enjoy cooking outdoors, you could even set a concrete fireplace or cooker at the center so that you can converse with everyone around you as you enjoy the fire.

If you like the look, you are not limited to a single retaining wall. With one low retaining wall for seating, and another on top of that one, off set enough to create a back for that seat, you have concrete seats with backs, or double the seating area for those who don’t mind sitting on the uppermost wall. You also have yet another way of creating visual variety on your patio.

Find out more about create an inviting patio with concrete seats and walls by contacting Stamped Artistry today.

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Pool with Concrete

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Your pool is an escape; it offers you the luxury of a vacation spot at your home. It is natural that you want a way to make your pool the deluxe getaway of your dreams. It doesn’t take an incredible amount of money and expensive materials to make that happen, nor does it take a lot of time and work. In fact, all you may need to enhance the appeal of your little backyard oasis is some relatively small changes. You may be amazed at the beautiful result of small changes, like the following three, when you upgrade your pool with concrete.

Raised Concrete Platform

Relax in the sun, or under some type of constructed shade, with a perfect view of all the beauty of the water. Keep an eye on the children in the water, sit with feet in the water and have conversations with people below you in the water, and more. A raised concrete platform offers you all this. It can be as simple, or as complex as you want in terms of color, style, and size. Even a small, simple platform can make a significant difference in your pool’s stylish appearance.

Swim-Up Bar or Table

Even a small place for people to swim up and have a drink, or take a bite can make your pool area seem even more classy. You could have a overhanging bar, or semi-circular “table” extending from the pool’s side and out into the water so that people can swim up to the edge, or float up in floating seats, and relax while eating and drinking in the comfort of the pool. Again, stamped and stained concrete is perfect for an addition like this.

Infinity Pool

You don’t have to be incredibly wealthy, or stay at a fancy hotel to have a pool with an infinity edge. If you have a slope near your pool, you can create the infinity illusion with a pool wall stopping at the top edge of that slope. It could be far easier to create that glamorous, luxurious style than you think.

Do you want more ideas about ways to upgrade your pool with concrete? Ask the experts at Stamped Artistry.